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Andrew Luck officially questionable for game vs. Jaguars

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is officially questionable for Sunday's game against the Jaguars.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is officially questionable for Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, marking the first time in his NFL career that he has been listed as such in advance of a game.  As for the entire Colts' injury update, cornerback Greg Toler and running back Tyler Varga were both ruled out, while tight end Dwayne Allen and Andrew Luck are both questionable.  Darius Butler, Trent Cole, Vontae Davis, T.Y. Hilton, Josh Robinson, and Hugh Thornton are all probable.

Including playoffs, Luck has played in the first 57 games of his career in the NFL.  He hasn't so much as missed one play due to injury during that span, much less an entire game.  He has been the definition of durable, as he hadn't even appeared on the injury report since 2012 until this week he appeared with a shoulder injury.  The Colts signed a third quarterback to the active roster this morning in Josh Johnson, marking the first time since game five of the 2012 season that the Colts have had three quarterbacks on their active roster.  Luck was limited in practice on Wednesday and Thursday and was nowhere to be seen during the open part of practice on Friday.  The signs all week were pointing to the fact that Luck might not play, despite the Colts' insistence on Wednesday that the quarterback would be ready to go.  Though he's questionable and will be a game-time decision, I don't really expect him to play - especially considering the fact that the Colts will play two division games in five days.  That's not a good schedule for an injured player, so it might make sense for the Colts to not play him this weekend against the Jaguars.

For his part, however, head coach Chuck Pagano isn't giving any details.  Though Luck wasn't seen at the open part of practice, Pagano said that the quarterback was limited for the third straight day.  He had said on Wednesday that he had supreme confidence that Luck would play, and when asked whether he still had that today, Pagano said, "absolutely."  He later said that, "It's Andrew Luck.  If I was to bet on anybody, it'd be that guy."

Basically, here's what we learned from Pagano's presser: he's still not counting out Andrew Luck, even though the odds seemed stacked against the quarterback playing right now.  It felt more like Pagano not wanting to give the Jaguars such a vital piece of information a few days before the game, which makes perfect sense.

It's not all bad injury news, however!  It sounds as if the Colts will get Darius Butler back this week after the corner missed the past two games, as Butler is officially listed as probable.  When the Colts waived Shaun Prater earlier today, it gave an indication that perhaps Butler was going to be ready.  Greg Toler will be out this week once again, but at least Butler will likely be back.  The same with Trent Cole, who missed last week's game.  It sounds like he'll be out there on Sunday as well.