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2015 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 7

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Each week we'll predict each game using the Winning Stats, as well as make picks as if we're competing in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

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I talked last week how the differences between what the Predictor said and the Vegas odds kept getting smaller and smaller, and our record this week reflects that. It was our second straight 5-8-1 week, bringing our season record down to 44-43-4, just barely above .500. Time to get out of this funk we're in and get some winners. It did predict, almost down to the final score, the Colts-Patriots game from last week, predicting 32-27 and if finished 34-27, so it can still get some of them close. Picking winners it went 8-6 last week, bringing our season record to 56-35, or 61.5%.

Even with the poor record in all the games Against the Spread, we still went 3-2 in our SuperContest picks, bringing our record to 19-11 on the season. I'm feeling pretty good about these this week as well, so let's keep this coming.

  • Saints +4.5 at Colts
    I'm absolutely not sold on the Colts after one good week against a team they prepared all offseason to beat, then still couldn't do it. Until the Colts can stop a pocket passer, I don't believe they can handily beat a pocket passer. I'll take the points here.
  • Lions +2.5 vs. Vikings
    Predictor has this as a two point game, so a home underdog getting too many points is an auto-play for me. Vikings covered last week against the Chiefs, but really didn't play all that well. The Lions scored a boatload of points last week in getting their first win against the Bears, and I think it will carry over a bit.
  • Jets +9 at Patriots
    I think the Jets are a match-up nightmare for the Patriots, and even in bad years they could find ways to hang with the Patriots. I'll happily take a lot of points, and I have a feeling the Jets go into Foxboro and win.
  • Browns +5.5 at Rams
    Another game where the Predictor thinks the underdog will win straight-up, so I'll take the points and hope for the best. Despite the loss to the Broncos last week, I think playing with a pretty good team last week will give them some confidence against a Jekyll and Hyde Rams team.
  • Titans +4.5 vs. Falcons
    I'm not worried about Marcus Mariota not playing, as I think in this specific match-up I think Zach Mettenberger will be just fine throwing the ball against a non-existent pass rush. It's one of those games where you don't expect a team to show up, but they'll lead early and blow a lead late, still covering. That's what I'm seeing here.

Here are the rest of the Week 7 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
49ers 21 Seahawks 27 67.5%
Jaguars 25 Bills 29 59.3%
Chiefs 24 Steelers 27 59.2%
Dolphins 28 Texans 25 59.3%
Titans 24 Falcons 27 57.5%
Rams 22 Browns 24 53.9%
Redskins 25 Buccaneers 23 55.2%
Lions 24 Vikings 26 55.3%
Colts 28 Saints 31 58.6%
Patriots 22 Jets 23 53.2%
Chargers 28 Raiders 27 50.6%
Giants 25 Cowboys 26 50.7%
Panthers 21 Eagles 20 51.8%
Cardinals 28 Ravens 21 67.8%