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Patriots owner Robert Kraft: "There's nothing more satisfying than saddling the Indianapolis Colts with a loss"

Patriots owner Robert Kraft poked fun at the Indianapolis Colts during a halftime ceremony tonight, saying that, "there's nothing more satisfying than saddling the Indianapolis Colts with a loss."

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The Colts and the Patriots don't like each other very much.  The Patriots see the Colts as the team that ratted them out and tried to catch them cheating, while the Colts see the Patriots as the team they think cheated against them in the AFC Championship game and has kicked their butts several times in recent years.

During their Thursday Night Football game tonight, the New England Patriots inducted former linebacker Willie McGinest into their Hall of Fame.  During the ceremony, owner Robert Kraft got the crowd fired up by poking fun at the Colts.  "There's nothing more satisfying than saddling the Indianapolis Colts with a loss," Kraft said, alluding particularly to the goal line stop McGinest made in 2003 to beat Indy. recently ranked that play as the best of McGinest's tenure with the team.

Colts fans remember that game well too, though for vastly different reasons.  Colts fans remember McGinest falling to the ground with an apparent 'injury' shortly before that goal line stop in a move that was widely seen as McGinest faking an injury to slow down the Colts' offense.  He has denied that to be the case, but Colts fans aren't buying it.  "That was an amazing recovery," quarterback Peyton Manning mused after the game, adding that, "I thought they should have been penalized for having to stop the clock with no timeouts, but that didn't go our way either."  It's moments like that 2003 game that create rivalries - one team's fans have a memorable goal-line stop, while the other team's fans have a memorable reminder of a team supposedly cheating.

You can say what you want about how this shouldn't be considered a rivalry because of how one-sided it has been recently, but it's very clear that neither team likes the other very much - which was the reason the Patriots' owner took a shot at the Colts during a halftime ceremony.  And a message to Colts fans: don't take it so seriously.  The Patriots' owner doesn't like your favorite team, and that shouldn't bother you that much.