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Report: Andrew Luck has a subluxation of his right shoulder

According to FOX59's Chris Hagan, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has a subluxation of his right shoulder.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For the past week, we've been monitoring the injury situation of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who suffered an injury to his throwing shoulder against the Tennessee Titans that caused him to miss Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the first game that Luck has missed in his NFL career.  We hadn't received many details about the injury, however, and all that we knew was that it's an injury to his throwing shoulder.

Now, it seems that we have the diagnosis of the injury, courtesy of a report from FOX59's Chris Hagan:

A subluxation of the shoulder is typically thought of as a partial dislocation, but technically it means that the shoulder didn't actually dislocate but instead just shifted from the socket.  This according to former NFL team physician David Chao:

Considering other reports that we have heard - such as the reports from NFL Media's Ian Rapoport that Luck has "no structural damage" to his shoulder and that the injury is not considered a long-term one - my guess would be that there is no tear, which would obviously be good news and would mean that Luck is on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to returning from the injury.  Chao notes that a subluxation is less serious than a dislocation but is still "worrisome" for a quarterback.

Hagan reports that the Colts and Luck have consulted three out of state doctors and also had an MRI done, and he added that Luck's status for this Thursday's game is in doubt.  Here are more details of what the concerns are with Luck's shoulder:

"Doctors are concerned about Luck's labrum, which is hard to read from the MRI with this type of injury.  The biggest concerns about Luck at the moment are pain and arm strength."

This is in line with what head coach Chuck Pagano said on Sunday, as he said that Luck didn't have the arm strength on Saturday and before the game on Sunday to play.  The focus now turns to Thursday night and whether Luck will be able to go then, and it sounds like that situation is still very much uncertain.  This report seems to indicate that details are still a bit murky, and so at this point it sounds like the Colts are hoping for Luck to be out there but that it's no sure thing.  At least now we have an actual diagnosis for what's going on.