What 3 recent Colts would you bring back for this year?

Kind of hit me seeing Jeff Saturday being inducted to the ring of honor about how many great Colts we have had over the last 10-15 years or so. Looking at our 2015 team, if you could add 3 Colts who were in their prime or playing well from 2000 - 2015 to make this team a SB contender, who would you add? Salary doesn't matter, and this isn't adding someone for the long term, but just to address needs we have right now and make us the best team we could be. It would be the player as they played 1 or 5 or 15 years ago, not as they are today. Obviously our best player was Manning, but you might be reluctant to add him since we already have Luck (although with his shoulder we might need a QB this year... who knows). This is purely for fun, so if you want to play along, list the 3 players you would love to have on a 1 year deal playing at their prime as a Colt from 2000 - 2015. Note, guys like Faulk wouldn't count as he left after 98.

I think our biggest weaknesses are (in no particular order) OL play, particularly the interior, ILB, pass rusher, CB, S, RB. Obviously QB if Luck is out an extended time but for now, I am going to assume he comes back healthy soon. So here are my 3 choices:

#1- Jeff Saturday- Not the best player, nor one of the top 3-4 in that timeframe, but so solid at pass protection and calling out blitzes, he would be great in the middle of our line. Also high character, a leader in the locker room, and just consistent as can be.

#2- Bob Sanders- For just one year, Sanders makes a huge difference. Guy was just on another level in his prime before getting hurt. ILB is a bigger need, but we don't have anyone nearly as good as Sanders that ever played ILB and I think he would cover up our ILB needs at least somewhat and would take our S play to another level.

#3- Tarik Glenn. Hard one with all of the other great players? Edge, Glenn, Marvin, Dallas, Freeney, Manning. Even guys like Brackett or June who were pretty solid and could play ILB, which is our 2nd biggest need to OL in my opinion. Or Marlin who would be a very nice 2 with Vontae. Could Edge run behind our current line as well as our better line of the early and mid 2000's? Do we need another star WR or TE in Marvin and Dallas? Freeney was great, but didn't fit this system after we changed, but maybe in his prime...? Biggest impact from day to day would have to be Glenn. Let Glenn play LT, Castonzo at RT, Saturday at C, Mewhort at LG and Reitz at RG. That would be a very good OL that could run the ball fairly well and pass protect very well. Adding Sanders finally gives us another big time playmaker on D to go along with Vontae and Mathis.

So who do you have? Anyone I didn't consider that you think should be in the top 3? Again, just for fun.

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