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Chuck Pagano on Ahmad Bradshaw: "He's a great, great player"

The Colts had running back Ahmad Bradshaw in for a workout today, and head coach Chuck Pagano said that, "he's a great, great player." No signing has happened as of yet, however.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts have players in every Tuesday for workouts, often just keeping up to date on some players who are available in case they become needed.  Most of the time, these workouts go rather unnoticed, but occasionally, they become a big deal.

That's what has happened this week, as former Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw was at the Colts' complex today working out.  He was such a dynamic playmaker when on the field for the Colts in the past two years that it makes a ton of sense for the team to bring him in for a workout, and fans are excited about the possibility of bringing Bradshaw back.

That excitement needs to be tempered by the fact that there has been no signing yet and that often these workouts never amount to much, but it's clear that head coach Chuck Pagano is excited by the possibility as well, as he really likes Bradshaw.

"He's a warrior," Pagano said today.  "I think everybody in this room and everybody in our locker room and this organization knew what he did for our football team and what kind of toughness and energy and passion that he brings.  He's one of heck of a ball player.  Again, he's a warrior.  One of the toughest guys I've been around.  He's a tone setter.  You think back a couple of years ago, and I don't like talking about history, but he set the tone for one of the biggest wins we've had since we've been together here out in the Bay Area.  That all started on the first play of the game where he touched the football.  He's a great, great player.  He's a warrior and we'll see what happens."

That 49ers game in 2013 that Pagano alluded to was absolutely a signature win of this football team, and Bradshaw was a huge part of that win.  Of course, at the same time that game highlighted the main negative against the running back, and it's the unfortunate reality that he gets injured quite a bit.  He was injured and lost for the season in that 49ers game, and then he was injured again mid-season in 2014.  There's no doubt about it, though: Bradshaw is a great player when he's healthy.  Playing in 13 games with the Colts in the past two years, Bradshaw has rushed for 611 yards and four touchdowns (4.7 yards per carry) and caught 45 passes for 342 yards and six scores.  He was a huge threat as a receiving back last year, catching 38 passes for 300 yards and six scores.  He can do it all (run, catch, and block) and is a great fit for the Colts' system.

Though he was suspended for one game, he's eligible to return now, and though he was injured last year, he's healthy now.  So it makes perfect sense for the Colts to bring him in, particularly considering that backup Josh Robinson has struggled with fumbling issues.  Bradshaw could be a nice backup and change of pace back behind Frank Gore.  Of course, that's assuming he is indeed healthy and the Colts think he can still contribute, which is likely the reason for the workout.  So we'll have to stay tuned to see if anything comes of this, but I think it would be a good move and it's smart to at least bring him in for a workout to take a look.