There shouldn't be any excuses

Pagano and company, you are out of excuses. Andrew Luck gets 10 days off to rest his shoulder. Our ailing secondary had full participation last night, and with no setbacks, they also get 10 days off. Our D-Line, more promising than it has ever been under Pagano, gets 10 days of rest which I am guessing Anderson will need. Andre has officially joined the team and shown what he can do. Now it's up to the coaches to get he, TY and Moncrief all involved next week... and they have 10 days to do it. Special teams are as good as ever, and they have plenty of time to game plan for the Patsies.

The injury excuses should be gone. Our D is completely healthy. Luck should be able to roll out, move the pocket, and throw short passes and occasionally downfield more effectively than 40 year old Hasselbeck did last night. We have our best run stuffing D line that this franchise has seen in years. The current 5 on the OL are not only our best, but perfectly capable of being an above average OL in this league.

Chuck, you have a full 3 day headstart to prepare. You have your team as healthy as can be for a week 6 game. You have your star QB coming back. You are playing at home with 10 days rest while the Cheaters travel here after a normal week. There are no excuses for starting slow, for getting the ball ran down your throat or for sputtering on Sunday night October 18th. Some still want to blame Grigson, and that's fine, but we have the horses, the timing, the home field advantage, and every other reason to believe we can and will compete against these cheaters who have tried to make their cheating at deflate gate look like it was somehow the Colts fault. There are no excuses. You want a long-term contract and to win at the highest level in this league? It starts in 9 days coach. No excuses.

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