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2015 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 10

Each week we'll predict each game using the Winning Stats, as well as make picks as if we're competing in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There are some weeks where nothing goes right. Every break goes the other way and you just watch as loss after loss stacks up against what you picked. That's how last Sunday went as I watched each game go against me. And it almost was every single game. In what turned out to be the worst week for the Predictor Against the Spread since 2006, it went just 3-10 (and it hit MNF so could have been even worse). It drops our season record to 60-67-5 (47%). The good news is we're in this for the long haul, and over time a week like this is inevitable (as is a 10-3 week), so we forget last week happened and keep going after the games where we have an advantage.

Picking winners wasn't any better, going just 5-8, bringing our season record to 80-52 (60.6%). I said going into the week it was going to be make-or-break, and seemingly all my big favorites lost, and the underdogs I picked to win all lost. One week won't make we waver on what's been a pretty good season picking winners, so I won't start making big changes based on one week.

Because our picks didn't do well at all, it's only natural that our SuperContest picks went 1-4, hitting only the Raiders in Pittsburgh. Season total now 25-20.

  • Bears +7 at Rams
    I'm not understanding this line, as Jay Cutler has kept the Bears in every game he's played this season, and I can't see the Rams running away and hiding. I'll take a touchdown in what I think will be a close game.
  • Raiders -3 vs. Vikings
    Once again I'm going to ride the Raiders bandwagon, this time at home against the Vikings. I'm taking my chances against Minnesota despite them being 7-1 against the spread so far this season.
  • Chiefs +6 at Broncos
    The Chiefs are coming off of their bye week to play a team they should have beaten in Week 2. I think this'll be low scoring so I'll take the 6 and count on a field goal game.
  • Giants +7 vs. Patriots
    I'm clearly a glutton for punishment as I continually go against the Patriots, but this time I think they're getting too many points on the road, which are games the Predictor has a great track record with. Plus it's the Giants, who along with the Ravens are the only teams that always give the Patriots problems.
  • Cardinals +3 at Seahawks
    It's not often you want to go against Seattle at home, but I like this spot for the Cardinals, and think they win outright. This would also completely bury the Seahawks in the division, something the Cardinals really want to do.

Here are the rest of your Week 10 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Jets 29 Bills 24 62.2%
Packers 33 Lions 23 75.3%
Ravens 29 Jaguars 26 57.8%
Rams 21 Bears 20 50.4%
Steelers 27 Browns 22 63.5%
Titans 15 Panthers 22 68.0%
Redskins 27 Saints 30 57.0%
Buccaneers 28 Cowboys 26 55.2%
Eagles 28 Dolphins 22 65.9%
Raiders 26 Vikings 23 59.1%
Broncos 21 Chiefs 20 50.8%
Giants 23 Patriots 29 66.5%
Seahawks 22 Cardinals 24 54.0%
Bengals 28 Texans 19 71.8%