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Edgerrin James on the 2015 Colts: "It's just a matter of everything coming together"

Former Colts running back Edgerrin James spoke with's Steve Andress recently and said that for the 2015 Colts, "it's just a matter of everything coming together."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the all-time great Indianapolis Colts players, Edgerrin James, was in attendance at the Colts' last game against the Denver Broncos.  Edge was there both to watch his former team and his former teammate in Peyton Manning, who was making what was likely his last trip to Indianapolis to play an NFL game.

While in Indy for the game, however, he also took some time to talk with's Steve Andress about this year's Colts team, and it seems like Edge has one main thought about this team: just give them time and they'll get it together.

"They have the team," Edge said.  "They have everything it takes to be successful.  So, it's just a matter of everything coming together.  They just need a little time.  You're going to see this team get better every week."

"I know because of the offseason everybody expected it to happen right then and there" James added.  "It doesn't happen like that.  You need a little time to gel.  You're going to see this team progress every week.  Going into the playoffs, they'll be a team that's very dangerous."

The Colts do have enough to make the playoffs and perhaps make some noise in the playoffs, as they showed against the Broncos, but so far this year they have had trouble putting it all together.  That starts with quarterback Andrew Luck, who played his best game of the season against Denver but who will now miss extended time due to injury.  That makes it harder to get things put together, but if the Colts can manage to do that, James has a point that they could be a dangerous team when the playoffs roll around.

Of course, the big question is whether the Colts will be able to put it all together.  Entering the game against the Broncos, the emphasis was on doing so for four quarters, something they hadn't done in the first eight games.  Now, the question is not only whether they'll be able to do that for four quarters but whether they'll be able to do that from game to game - now without Luck, too.  That remains to be seen, but Edgerrin James thinks that the Colts can put it all together and that once they do, they'll be a dangerous team to face this January.