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Three Colts included in early Pro Bowl fan voting results

Three Colts players - D'Qwell Jackson, Mike Adams, and Pat McAfee - are included among the early Pro Bowl voting results at their respective positions.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The fan voting for the Pro Bowl is underway, and as we all know, it often comes down to a popularity contest.  For example, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is in the top ten of vote-getters among quarterbacks this year, checking in at number nine.  There are certain instances like that which are strange, but it's still worth looking at the voting.

There's still a lot of time left to go for the Pro Bowl voting, but so far the Indianapolis Colts aren't well-represented.  In fact, no Colts player on the offensive side of the football is among the top-ten in vote-getters at his position.  A lot of this is likely because the Colts' offense hasn't been that good.  For example, Andrew Luck, who has made the Pro Bowl in each of the past three seasons, has had a bad year and doesn't deserve to be included.  You could make a case for Frank Gore, but the bottom line is that the Colts' offense hasn't been impressive, and that shows in the Pro Bowl voting.

Only three Colts players are among the top ten at his position in the most recent Pro Bowl voting tallies provided by the NFL.  D'Qwell Jackson is fourth among inside linebackers, behind only Carolina's Luke Kuechly, Green Bay's Clay Matthews, and San Francisco's Navorro Bowman.  Mike Adams is third among strong safeties, behind only Oakland's Charles Woodson and Seattle's Kam Chancellor.  And Pat McAfee is fourth among punters, behind only Baltimore's Sam Koch, Atlanta's Matt Bosher, and New England's Ryan Allen.

There's not much value in getting upset over early Pro Bowl voting results, and there's not a strong case to be made for many other Colts players to be included in the top ten at their position.  Adam Vinatieri should be in the top ten but isn't, and I think that's probably the biggest oversight on the list for the Colts.  But when it comes down to talking about a kicker as the biggest early snub, that probably says a lot about the year the Colts have been having overall.

The Pro Bowl voting will continue for another month until December 15, and then on Tuesday, December 22, the NFL will announce those players who made the cut.  On January 27, then, will be the annual Pro Bowl Draft where players will be divided into teams, and the game itself will be played on Sunday, January 31 in Honolulu, Hawaii.