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Jonotthan Harrison is the Colts' starting center (for now)

It sounds like the Indianapolis Colts will stick with Jonotthan Harrison as their starting center (for now) even though Khaled Holmes is healthy.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, no offensive line in the NFL has less continuity than the Indianapolis Colts'.  They started ten different players and changed their starting lineup 11 times, not keeping the same lineup for more than a three-game stretch all season.

The Colts have placed a big emphasis on continuity this year, and they have maintained that.  They have still started eight different players through nine games, but they have had only three lineup changes (with one being necessitated due to injury).  The Colts went five games without a change earlier this year, already two games longer than their highest stretch last season.  And the Colts would need to change up their offensive line in each week for the last seven games of the regular season and the Wild Card round of the playoffs to equal the amount of lineup changes made last year.

The biggest factor in the offensive line changes last year was at the center position, but this year that hasn't been the case.  Khaled Holmes was the team's starter throughout training camp, preseason, and the first seven games of this season before suffering a neck injury that kept him out against the Carolina Panthers.  Jonotthan Harrison started in his place, and even with Holmes listed as probable for the following week's game against the Denver Broncos, Harrison remained in the starting lineup.

When asked about it on Wednesday, head coach Chuck Pagano seemed to indicate that Harrison will retain the starting role.  "Jon's playing well," Pagano said.  "Jon's playing well."

"Year two, there's no issues from a mental standpoint, [and] physically," Pagano said of Harrison.  "I feel like we've got two really good players there and we're in a good situation at center right now."

So there you have it.  Chuck Pagano thinks that the Colts have two good centers who can play and, when asked whether Harrison is the starting center, he simply said that the second-year pro is playing well.  What does that mean?  It sounds like Jonotthan Harrison is the Colts' starting center for now, but it also sounds like there's nothing definite on that part that would prevent another change.

Harrison had a rough start in filling in for Holmes, as he had a bad snap on the first drive of his first start against the Panthers that resulted in a turnover.  After that, however, he settled in and provided what appeared to be an upgrade over Holmes in terms of his play on the field.  As a result, it sounds like he is the team's starter despite Holmes being healthy.  How long will that last?  That's the real question that we don't know the answer to right now.