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Panthers lead Colts 10-6 at halftime

The Carolina Panthers lead the Indianapolis Colts 10-6 at halftime after a rainy, sloppy first half.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was... something.  We're halfway through tonight's game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers, and in a heavy rain the Panthers are up 10-6 on the Colts.

Indy's offense hasn't played well - at all.  Andrew Luck missed several throws, and it was a disastrous start with Jonotthan Harrison and Andrew Luck giving the Panthers a gift turnover on each of the first two possessions.  The Colts have actually run the ball pretty well, but in key spots (like third down short yardage) they haven't really been able to get it done.

While the offense has struggled, though, the defense has played got it done - thanks also due to the Panthers offense playing awful too.  Neither Luck nor Cam Newton are playing well at all tonight, which makes you stop and think about how much the rain really might be affecting things.  That's not to absolve them of blame (because it's not like this is abnormal from Luck this year), but with both quarterbacks and offenses struggling, that's a real factor.

The best part of the game for the Colts tonight, as it often is, has been their special teams - namely, Pat McAfee and Adam Vinatieri.  McAfee continues to win the field position battle, while Vinatieri has hit field goals of 47 and 34 yards in the heavy rain.  McAfee and Vinatieri are two of the big reasons why the Colts are still in this game.

It wasn't a very pretty half, but the Colts only trail by four at halftime - so with two field goals, the Colts will take the lead.  And at this point, it doesn't matter how good or bad the Colts look in winning, they simply need a win.  They've managed to keep it close at halftime in this one, so let's see if they can finish it in the second half.

Here's your open thread to discuss the second half of tonight's game!