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Falcons lead Colts 14-7 at halftime

Here's your open thread for the second half of today's game between the Colts and the Falcons.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

For much of the first half, the Indianapolis Colts' offense was in a slump and saw the Atlanta Falcons jump out to a 14-0 lead, but a late touchdown drive by Indy has the Colts within one score at halftime, 14-7.

The Colts turned the ball over twice in the first half on a Matt Hasselbeck interception and a Frank Gore fumble, and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan hit fullback Patrick DiMarco twice in the first half for touchdowns (including one where he was WIDE OPEN).

The Colts offense struggled for much of the first half (in large part due to turnovers and 3rd and short failures) but then they mounted a 13-play, 80-yard scoring drive capped off by a Hasselbeck flip pass to Ahmad Bradshaw for a seven-yard score.  On the touchdown drive, Hasselbeck was 7/7 for 61 yards and that touchdown pass, and if he can keep that up the Colts might be able to play their way back into this game.

Falling behind 14-0 on the road with your backup quarterback isn't a good situation, so the Colts should feel fortunate to only be down one score entering the second half.  They will need to play better in the third and fourth quarters, but this game isn't over yet.

Here's your open thread for the second half of the game as the Colts try to come back and win it.