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Report: Pep Hamilton, Rob Chudzinski candidates for college head coaching jobs

According to Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel, former Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton could be a candidate for Maryland's head coach opening, while current Colts offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski is one of the candidates for the Miami opening.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ever since he was drafted in 2012, it was clear that if things went according to plan that Andrew Luck would earn several people head coaching jobs.  It happened in that rookie season with Bruce Arians, who is now having outstanding success with the Arizona Cardinals.  And it could happen again after this season, even though the Colts and Luck have had a down year offensively.

The team fired offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton midway through his third year, but he's expected to garner some consideration for head coach openings, as is current offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.  In fact, according to Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel, both of them are in the running for collegiate head coaching jobs.

Thamel reports that Pep Hamilton is one of a number of names who Maryland has or will reach out to regarding their head coach opening.  Another notable name is former Colts assistant and current Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich, as well as former Colts head coach Tony Dungy (though that seems likely just for advice).  The list of names seems extensive at this point, but it sounds like Hamilton is at least being considered by Maryland.

Then, of course, Thamel notes that the Miami Hurricanes are considering Rob Chudzinski for their head coach opening, something we've heard in the past as well.  Thamel reports that the consideration is now between Butch Davis, Rob Chudzinski, Dan Mullen, and Greg Schiano, with one of them likely getting hired.  Chudzinski has extensive history with the school, winning three national championships during his time as a player and a coach, and in addition to developing several good tight ends he led the most successful offense in school history during his time as offensive coordinator.  He has only been a head coach for one year (2013 with the Cleveland Browns), but we'll see whether that ends up hurting his case or not.

With so many schools looking for head coaches already, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Hamilton and Chudzinski mentioned for other jobs in the coming weeks, though it sounds like both have already garnered attention from at least one school.  Whether or not anything comes of that is yet to be seen, but this shouldn't come as any surprise whatsoever.