Somewhat comprehensive plan for 2016

This can be a Super Bowl team next year. The nucleus is there. There are still a few missing pieces and most notably, poor coaching that is holding this team back. Here is what needs to change:

We need a new HC, a new voice in the locker room. Pagano's notorious slow starts are inexcusable, his lack of in game adjustments pathetic, and his general awareness and understanding of what it takes day in and day out are terrible. He is a good coach of men, and does connect with the players, which is great. But he isn't what we need at all as a HC. I would consider Harbaugh, Payton, Arians (not sure if any are a possibility) or Saban (don't really like him, but he wins), or McDaniels (yes, he took Tebow in round 1... don't let him draft, just coach the team and particularly, Luck and the offense). Just a few that would be far superior to Chuck.

I've been a Grigson supporter since day 1, but if he did meddle with hiring Pep and some of the other junk, he needs to go. That stuff aside, he has a split track record with some great signings/trades/drafts (Davis, Langford, Adams, Anderson, Parry, TY, Moncrief, etc.) and terrible ones (TRich, Gosder, Werner, Cole, etc.) so I am ok either way. I just don't know who would be a better replacement, but I'm sure someone can weigh in on that.

We need a new OC. Those slow starts have to involve Pep, who has accomplished little outside of Luck. Plus Luck could use someone new in his ear, with new ideas and the ability to get him going early with check downs, slants, screens, etc. Again, partly why I think McDaniel's could be a great fit as he has mastered this in NE. Oh, and I would like to see a new QB Coach and OL coach in here.

New strength and conditioning coach, facilities, etc. Irsay needs to take a long, hard look at all of our injuries and see if our facilities are up to snuff. The strength and conditioning coach/staff need replaced regardless.

Luck has to improve. What does that mean? He needs his OC to work with him this offseason, changing his mindset (it's ok to throw the ball away or take a sack!) and helping him with hot reads and check downs. Another big part to Luck improving is his OL improving.

Offensive Line needs a talent infusion. I would pursue a C, RG and RT with a combination of draft and free agency. Of the 3, I actually feel best about RG... kind of. I don't feel great about any of them, but in order, I think we need a Center (someone reliable who can call out what they see and block adequately). Trade a 3rd rounder for Mack. Seriously, you are not going to find a Mack in round 3, and yes, he costs 8 mil but he is worth every penny, plus he has NO guaranteed future money and is just a tick under 30 years old. Get him. RT, I like Reitz OK but I am not counting on him holding up in the future. Plus he can fill in for 4 different positions and is a great plug and play guy. He is a really solid backup, but not a great starting RT. If we traded a 3rd for Mack, I would love to use a 2nd on a RT that can develop. RG, Thornton has been OK this year, not bad but not great. If we spend a 2 on RT and 3 on C (via trade), I would be ok with letting Thornton/Reitz/5th rounder or so battle it out for the RG spot.

I haven't designated our 1st rounder yet because I think our biggest need from a talent standpoint is pass rusher. I don't follow college football as much as some of you to know who the best prospect is and it really depends on if we win the division and pick 21st or go 6-10 (and lost the division) and pick 10th. We need to cut Cole, keep Mathis if he is healthy, try to salvage Newsome (where is that guy?) and add some talent in the worst way. Really good young pass rushers don't show up in FA, so I think this will need to be in the draft.

I think Gore has another year in him, assuming he stays healthy. If Bradshaw can stay healthy, that is a HUGE boost. But can we add a young, complimentary back who can go out and catch passes? Bradshaw played that roll last year and it changed things for this offense. I think we could add this type of player via free agency for relatively cheap or with a mid round pick. 2017 is when we need a between the tackles replacement for Gore.

Concerning WR's, I believe we have a good group and bad QB play and play calling have made them look average. I'm actually torn on Andre, as I think his numbers have been partly due to Luck's bad play, learning a new system, and bad play calling. At the end of the day, cutting him saves 5 mil, so I wouldn't be opposed to that if we can use the cap relief on OL, pass rusher or secondary help. Build around TY (I know he is taking some crap, but improve the line and Lucks mentality and maybe he can actually hit TY in stride when he burns the D), Moncrief and Dorsett along with Fleener and Allen (Allen should come back in the 4 mil per range and Fleener in the 5-6 range... if not, both are replaceable). Griff has shown he is a reliable 4th or 5th option and maybe Carter develops.

Defensive Line is solid, young, and pretty cheap. In addition to a great signing in Langford (his deal looks great right now) and drafting the Stanford brothers, Winn seems like a logical rotational guy to re-sign. Would love to add a veteran pass rusher, kind of like Arizona did with Redding this year just to come in on obvious passing downs.

I'm actually ok with our ILB's, with Moore and Irving as good young depth. I would like to see more of those guys to see if we can cut DJax and save 5 mil next year. That group played their best games last night, but maybe that is due to weather and difficult passing situations. I saw Moore on the field, but every time a ILB made a play, it was Freeman or Jackson. Nonetheless, DJax can save us 5 mil and I would rather cut him and his inconsistent play and see what Moore or Irving can do.

It's time to find our #2 CB. Toler is gone after this year, and is only brought back if it's cheap (it won't be). Maybe Smith can show us something if/when he returns. If not, I would consider using that 1st pick on a CB if the value isn't there at pass rushing OLB. I still like Vontae, who maybe isn't top 2-3 like we hoped but is very good, and I still think Butler is a useful slot CB who has a pretty cheap contract. If we are not drafting a CB high, it will need to be through FA unless Smith shows a lot and we can just add depth in the offseason.

I'm still riding Lowery and Adams with a little more Geathers mixed in for 2016... at least as of now. You can't replace every position at once, but we could use another young talent to join Geathers as the future. Maybe it's Guy, but I have my doubts.

To recap, new HC, OC, QB coach, OL coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach and GM. Maybe all coaches get canned, but those are the most important ones. More than anything, we need Luck to bounce back, and the best way to do that is by adding OL help and better coaching. In FA and the draft, we need OL help, a pass rusher, a #2 CB, veteran pass rushing DL, and a young Safety to groom. Right now, we have 45 under contract for 2016, including Luck at 16 mil (per overthecap) for a total of 129 mil. Luck gets extended for 18-20 mil cap hit, meaning we are now at 133 mil. The cap hit in 2015 is 143 mil, and I am thinking it will be 150+ in 2016. Cut Andre, DJax, Cole and Werner for 17 mil more in cap savings putting us at 35 under if the cap is 150 (I think it will be more). Trade for Mack which puts us at 27 under. In a perfect world, we go pass rushing OLB in round 1, RT in round 2, traded for Mack with 3rd rounder, safety/guard depth in rounds 4 and 5, and a developmental pass rusher in round 7 (we traded round 6 for Sio Moore). That leaves us at around 21.5 mil under, with which I would love to pursue a true #2 CB (unless Smith really shows something) for 6-7 mil and a veteran DL who can get after the QB for around 3 mil leaving us 11.5 million under the cap. I would sign both TE's if possible, or Fleener if I had to choose as Doyle can fill in adequately for DA for really cheap, and is much more reliable. Maybe Vinny plays 1 more for 2 mil range again? I'd do that for sure. I would also add a cheap vet QB (Cousins and McCown, under 1 mil this year) or young guy to develop. Keep Winn on a relatively cheap deal and possibly bring in an inexpensive blocking TE if Allen bolts.

We have the horses to compete next year, we really do. Just need to get Luck right, better protected, better game planning and adjustments, and a few key players on both sides of the ball. What do you agree or disagree with?

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