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2015 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 9

Each week we'll predict each game using the Winning Stats, as well as make picks as if we're competing in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

We're in a tough little stretch here. For the 4th consecutive week our Against the Spread picks haven't been over .500, and we're now dead even on the season, 57-57-5, after a 6-7-1 week. I don't know if it has been the rash of QB injuries that have made the predictions pretty 'meh' this year, or just an off year, but let's hope we're entering a stretch that'll get us back in the plus-money. Picking winners was much better this week, going 11-3, bringing our season record to 75-44 (63%). Slowly getting closer to our 67% goal.

Our SuperContest picks had the first losing week of the season, going 2-3 after losing all three primetime games. I said last week it would be tough as so many games were so close to the number, so I'm not too shocked it was a little off. I've already lost with the Browns and the boatload of points they got in Cincinnati (thanks Johnny Football), so we'll try to make it a 4-1 week:

  • Browns +11.5 at Bengals
    thought I'd be ok at halftime, but they couldn't stop the Bengals Offense in the second half. These Thursday games have been awful for the Predictor.
  • Raiders +4 at Steelers
    I'm loving the Raiders this year, and a win here puts them in great position for a Wild Card spot, so I expect a really good effort from a team playing really well.
  • Redskins +13.5 at Patriots
    There are games where you just have to trust the numbers you're seeing. This is one of them. The Patriots are the only team I don't have reservations covering a big number, but I think the Redskins are better than they're given credit for.
  • Buccaneers +2.5 vs. Giants
    I'm riding the Bucs after their win in Atlanta last week against an up-and-down Giants team who scored 49 points last week in New Orleans and lost. Think the Buccaneers win straight up.
  • Cowboys +2.5 vs. Eagles
    Hold your nose special. I can't explain to you why this is going to happen, but history tells me it has a 65% chance of hitting, so I'm running with it.

Here are the rest of our Week 9 picks, which I think could be a make-or-break week if you're just picking winners. Several underdogs it has winning outright, so it could be a really good week, or a really bad week. Let's hope for the former.

Home Score Away Score Probability
Bengals 29 Browns 22 68.0%
Steelers 24 Raiders 26 56.3%
Panthers 23 Packers 22 51.6%
Patriots 31 Redskins 24 68.4%
Saints 29 Titans 22 69.6%
Jets 28 Jaguars 19 73.3%
Vikings 15 Rams 18 57.7%
Bills 23 Dolphins 25 54.6%
49ers 19 Falcons 26 69.0%
Buccaneers 29 Giants 26 57.1%
Colts 14 Broncos 22 71.2%
Cowboys 19 Eagles 21 54.9%
Chargers 30 Bears 28 55.7%