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Jonotthan Harrison to start at center for Colts over Khaled Holmes

Jonotthan Harrison will start at center for the Colts today even though Khaled Holmes is active.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In the ever-interesting saga that is the Colts' center position, we have another development for today's game against the Broncos.  WTHR's Bob Kravitz notes that Jonotthan Harrison will make his second straight start at center today despite the fact that Khaled Holmes is active.

Harrison made his first start of the season on Monday night against the Panthers as Holmes missed the game due to a neck injury.  Harrison had an awful snap on the second play of the game for a turnover (bad snaps are perhaps the biggest knock on him), but after that he seemed to settle in.  Now, even though Holmes is active, Harrison will start once again.

What is unclear at the moment is whether this is motivated by play or by injury, though it's likely that it is partly both.  Holmes was limited in practice all week, and so while he was listed as probable and is active, it's possible that he's not entirely back to 100%, so the Colts opted to go with Harrison.  Probably contributing to that decision, though, is the fact that Holmes has really struggled this year, so moving to Harrison isn't a big dropoff (if at all).  The Colts don't have any great options at center, so it's probably not a huge deal which one of them starts.

With that said, however, Holmes started the first seven games of the season before missing Monday's game with an injury, so this will be the second in a row.  It's really the first time all year that there's any semblance of a center controversy, as Holmes had the job all throughout training camp, preseason, and the first seven weeks of the regular season.  He struggled, but he was the guy.  Now, is that still the case?  We can't say for sure because we don't know how much this move is motivated by injury, but it certainly raises the question of whether this is just a move for this one game or whether it will be the case moving forward - and part of that probably depends on how Harrison holds up today.