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2015 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 14

Each week we'll predict each game using the Winning Stats, as well as make picks as if we're competing in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last week had a very 50% feel to it, as that's what we went in Against the Spread picks (8-8), Straight Up picks (8-8), and Over/Unders (8-8), which at this point in the season should be a little better, but we've got four weeks left to get ourselves where we want to be. Against the Spread season record 96-90-6 (51.6%), Straight Up record 113-79 (58.9%).

I survived that Lions bad beat in the SuperContest, going 2-3 for the week, bringing our season record to 37-28. If we can average more than two wins over the last four weeks we'll have our best season to date in the SuperContest, so something to shoot for. Let's start with five of them this week.

  • Bengals -2.5 vs. Steelers
    The Steelers looked much better than they really are last week against the Colts, and I think the line is reflecting some extra love for them because of it. The Bengals are fighting for a first round bye and think they take care of business at home.
  • Browns -1.5 vs. 49ers
    I think there's going to be a little extra "pep" in the Browns players with the return of Johnny Manziel, and they're a better team than the 49ers. Not by much, but they are.
  • Saints +4 at Buccaneers
    The Saints have hit rock bottom after nearly beating the Panthers a week ago, and have lost four straight games. The NFL is such that teams eventually pull themselves out of a hole, as long as they're trying. I think that happens this week in Tampa for the Saints.
  • Redskins +3 at Bears
    The Redskins are so up and down, they always play well when you least expect it. They've been really bad on the road this year, and after their horrible game against the Cowboys on Monday night, I think they win outright in Chicago.  
  • Raiders +7 at Denver
    After such promise early in the season, the Raiders have lost four of their last five to fall to 5-7, but the Lions are the only team of those four that doesn't have a winning record, so they've just had a monster of a schedule. Denver is not playing well Offensively (still), even though they're winning. I really feel good about this game, as I think they hang the whole game, losing late on a FG.

Here are the rest of your Week 14 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Cardinals 28 Vikings 19 73.9%
Panthers 25 Falcons 17 68.8%
Eagles 23 Bills 25 55.5%
Texans 23 Patriots 24 53.5%
Bengals 26 Steelers 21 64.3%
Bears 25 Redskins 23 54.9%
Browns 28 49ers 24 59.2%
Jaguars 25 Colts 25 51.0%
Chiefs 31 Chargers 23 68.9%
Jets 25 Titans 18 68.8%
Rams 20 Lions 20 51.6%
Buccaneers 29 Saints 28 51.9%
Broncos 22 Raiders 20 54.8%
Packers 28 Cowboys 23 61.3%
Ravens 19 Seahawks 26 66.8%
Dolphins 25 Giants 26 51.8%