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Colts' NFL record division win streak comes to an end at 16 games

The Indianapolis Colts' NFL record win streak against division opponents came to an end on Sunday at 16 games.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts put together one of the most impressive runs against their own division in NFL history, but like all good things, it had to come to an end at some point.  That end came on Sunday, as the Colts lost their first division game since December 16, 2012 on Sunday with a 51-16 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That streak spanned 16 games, the longest winning streak against a team's own division in league history.  It included two season sweeps, spanned four seasons total, and lasted 1,111 days.  It's an incredibly impressive streak regardless of the level of opponent, as division games are always tougher and the Colts completely dominated the division for so long.

Of course, many will attempt to discount the Colts' achievement by pointing out how awful the AFC South has been during that time, and it indeed has been bad.  But the Colts can't control that, and all they can control is how well they do against the opponents on their schedule.  To win 16 division games in a row - no matter how bad the opponents are - is impressive and deserves credit.

Colts fans probably don't want to dwell on the streak right now after an ugly 35 point loss, but it's a nice accomplishment for Chuck Pagano and this franchise.  The Colts can still make it three straight division titles, but more impressive is how utterly in control and dominant the Colts have been while doing so.

The streak has come to an end, but the Colts now hope that they can keep their streak of consecutive division titles going by winning their third this season.  If they hope to do that, they'll need to get a win next week against the Houston Texans.

Here's a full chart of the Colts' complete 16-game winning streak against the AFC South:

Colts' AFC South win streak
Date Opponent Colts Score Opponent Score
12/30/12 Houston Texans 28 16
9/29/13 Jacksonville Jaguars 37 3
11/3/13 Houston Texans 27 24
11/14/13 Tennessee Titans 30 27
12/1/13 Tennessee Titans 22 14
12/15/13 Houston Texans 25 3
12/29/13 Jacksonville Jaguars 30 10
9/21/14 Jacksonville Jaguars 44 17
9/28/14 Tennessee Titans 41 17
10/9/14 Houston Texans 33 28
11/23/14 Jacksonville Jaguars 23 3
12/14/14 Houston Texans 17 10
12/28/14 Tennessee Titans 27 10
9/27/15 Tennessee Titans 35 33
10/4/15 Jacksonville Jaguars 16 13
10/8/15 Houston Texans 27 20