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Andrew Luck returns to practice for Colts on Wednesday

According to reports live from Colts practice on Wednesday, Andrew Luck is back on the practice field with the team for the first time since his injury.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said he was hoping to return to the practice field this week for the first time since suffering a lacerated kidney and torn abdominal muscle in the team's week nine win over the Broncos.

According to the early reports out of Colts practice on Wednesday, number 12 is back on the field with the Colts, appearing to participate at least somewhat.

We'll have to wait until we hear from Chuck Pagano later this afternoon to hear just how much work Luck did during practice today (whether he was a limited or full participant), but it's a good sign that he's out there at all.  He has done some throwing and running recently but had not been cleared to practice, so it would appear that the trainers and doctors have cleared him to at least do that.  Luck made it clear on Monday, however, that he would first need to be cleared to practice and then be cleared to play, meaning that there are two separate clearances he has to go through.  So just because he's back at practice doesn't mean he's ready to play this Sunday, though it's a positive sign that he's getting close.

Also of note is that Matt Hasselbeck wasn't seen at practice today, but that shouldn't be reason to worry quite yet.  Pagano said on Monday that he expected Hasselbeck to get a rest day on Wednesday but then hopefully be back on the practice field by Thursday as he deals with a rib injury, and Pagano said that he anticipates Hasselbeck being available for Sunday's game.

The fact that Luck is practicing is a positive, but so is the fact that left tackle Anthony Castonzo appears to be back to practice as well.  Outside linebacker Erik Walden, who also missed this past Sunday's game, is also practicing today.  We will get a full practice report later today.

UPDATE: Here's proof!

UPDATE: Head coach Chuck Pagano announced at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon that, though Luck was a limited participant in practice, he will NOT play on Sunday.