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Matt Hasselbeck out for rest of the game with a shoulder injury

Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is done for the day with a shoulder injury, meaning it will be Charlie Whitehurst the rest of the way for the team.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

After taking yet another hit in the first half of today's game against the Miami Dolphins, Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was taken to the locker room and evaluated for a shoulder injury.  The team announced that he will not return today, meaning that Charlie Whitehurst will be under center the rest of the way today.

Hasselbeck has been dealing with a number of different injuries this year and, as head coach Chuck Pagano said earlier this week, his quarterback is "beat up from the feet up."  Hasselbeck is dealing with rib, back, shoulder, and jaw injuries, and it's the shoulder that will keep him out for the rest of the game today.  He took another hit in the first half and looked a little shaken up, and the FOX TV cameras appeared to show him signaling to the sideline.  He then was in the huddle when play was stopped and he was upset, and the trainers waived him off the field.  They took him straight to the locker room, where they evaluated him and have ruled him out for the game.

Whitehurst has seen action in each of the past few games now as this is the fourth straight game in which Hasselbeck has missed time.  Whitehurst has also seen a lot of reps in practice, so he should be up to speed with the offense.  Hopefully, Frank Gore continues to play well to take the pressure off of him.  The Colts also have Stephen Morris, who they signed this week from the Eagles' practice squad to evaluate him for the future, active in case he is needed, while punter Pat McAfee is the emergency quarterback after that.