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Matt Hasselbeck doubtful for Sunday's game, Andrew Luck's status still uncertain

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano today said that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is doubtful for this Sunday's game against the Titans while Andrew Luck's status remains uncertain.

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The Colts' quarterback situation is a mess, and at this point we really don't know who will be starting under center for the team this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.  The Colts placed Charlie Whitehurst on injured reserve today with a grade II hamstring injury, while quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has a grade I AC sprain in his shoulder and is doubtful for Sunday's game.  That is in addition to the fact that Andrew Luck is still recovering from a lacerated kidney and torn abdominal muscle, an injury that has caused him to miss the past six games.

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said today that he doesn't have an update on Luck, but that doesn't mean that Luck has been ruled out for Sunday's game yet.  Last Monday, Pagano ruled Luck out for the upcoming weekend's game, but he's not doing that this week.  That's probably a good sign, but it still sounds very much uncertain whether Luck will play.

Pagano also noted that, if the Colts were to be eliminated tonight by the Bengals winning on Monday Night Football, a discussion would take place between himself, owner Jim Irsay, general manager Ryan Grigson, and quarterback Andrew Luck on whether number 12 would play.  Of course, the first step would be getting cleared, but after that the team's decision-makers would get together to discuss whether to play Luck in a meaningless game.

Basically, here's what we know right now: Charlie Whitehurst is on IR and not available, and Matt Hasselbeck likely won't be available either.  Andrew Luck hasn't been ruled out yet, but the Colts have no update on him and I'd currently consider that to be unlikely.  That leaves just Stephen Morris as a healthy option, who was signed last week off of the Eagles' practice squad.  Pagano also confirmed an earlier report that the team had Josh Freeman in for a workout today but noted that he hasn't been signed yet.  Reading between the lines, however, I think it's likely that the team will indeed sign him, as the Colts are almost certain to add a quarterback and Freeman was the one brought in for a workout today.

If the Colts were to add Freeman, Pagano doesn't know yet whether it would be Freeman or Stephen Morris starting on Sunday.  He said that they would have to see how the week goes and who gets the lion's share of the snaps during practice.

In other words, the Colts' quarterback position is a mess at this point and we have no idea who will be starting for the team on Sunday against the Titans.  But it's entirely possible - perhaps likely - that it will be Stephen Morris starting in the regular season finale.