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Chuck Pagano has no regrets over turning down contract extension last offseason

Chuck Pagano said today that he doesn't regret turning down a contract extension last offseason despite the fact that he may be approaching his final game as Colts head coach.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Last offseason, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano turned down a minimal one-year contract extension.  Now, Pagano may be approaching his final game as head coach of the Colts.

Pagano said he's not focusing on or thinking about the fact that this could be his final game coaching the Colts, but he also said that he doesn't have any regrets over turning down the extension.

"Nope," Pagano said today, shaking his head.

At the time, you couldn't blame him.  It was simply a small, one-year extension on his contract for a coach who had won 33 games in his first three seasons as a head coach and was coming off of an AFC Championship game berth.  Not only that but the Colts were expected to contend for the Super Bowl in 2015, and Pagano rightfully knew that a one-year extension like that hardly gave him any extra security but that he could instead get a much bigger deal with more security with another impressive season.  So Pagano bet on himself, and you can't really blame him for it.

Of course, on the flip side, we're now seeing the consequences of doing that when things don't work out.  Pagano could be preparing for his final game as head coach of the Colts, and there's nothing that would obligate Jim Irsay to keep his coach since the contract will expire.  Despite that reality, Pagano doesn't regret his decision to turn down the extension.

Pagano also said today that he hasn't had any conversations with Jim Irsay yet about his future job status.  But he's also not worried about it, as his sole focus is on the Titans.

"Like I told you a long time ago, I'm going to be fine," Pagano said.  I'm covered.  I'm covered.  I've got one goal, one focus right now and that's the Tennessee Titans and that's getting this team ready to win another football game.  And give ourselves a chance if the stars line up right.  It's tough, all the adversity, obstacles we've faced this year and all the tests that these guys keep passing, we're going to find a way to try to win a football game and then if the stars line up right and we happen to just however you want to call it, get in, then so be it and we'll make our run.  We've got to win another football game and that's all I'm worried about."