Luck's 2015 season all but over

Per the Indianapolis Star- "Luck ranks 33rd in passer rating (74.9), threw only 15 touchdowns to go with 12 interceptions and completed just 55 percent of this throws. The Colts were 2-5 with him as the starter."

Yes, he is absolutely the future, but even when healthy, he was BAD this year. Hopefully this lowers his price tag from 25 per to 18-20 per. Amazingly, the Colts also showed they are a .500 ball club without Luck, when almost everyone thought we would win 3 game without #12. Give him 5 years and 90 mil partially due to a poor 2015 and also partially due to Luck pulling a Brady and putting the team ahead of a few extra dollars in his pocket. It should literally be better for his health in the long run.

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