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Jim Irsay: "No decision has been made" on status of Chuck Pagano, Ryan Grigson

Colts owner Jim Irsay took to twitter today to refute a report that head coach Chuck Pagano would be fired and Ryan Grigson would be retained for now, saying that, "as of today, no decision has been made."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, ESPN's Mike Wells reported that the Colts will fire head coach Chuck Pagano following Sunday's game but that general manager Ryan Grigson will stick around - at least for now.  That report has received a ton of attention in Indianapolis and across the NFL world this afternoon, so owner Jim Irsay wasted little time in responding to them.

Staying on top of the talk, Irsay took to twitter on Wednesday afternoon to refute the report that he has made those decisions already.

Credit Irsay for not allowing the speculation to continue to run rampant, as he has responded to the report on twitter by denying that he has decided on Pagano or Grigson's status.  Additionally, the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder reported that Chuck Pagano has not been informed of any decision yet.  With that said, however, just because Irsay is saying that no decision has been made doesn't mean that Mike Wells' report is wrong, as that might be what Irsay ultimately decides to do.  Rather, I would guess that Irsay doesn't want this to get in the way of Chuck Pagano and his team doing their job in week 17 against the Titans.  He likely doesn't want to tell Pagano right now that he will not be brought back but rather let him finish out the season.  That would be my guess as to what he's meaning when he says that no decision has been made, because it has been very clear for months that Pagano very likely wouldn't be back.

Still, though, while we talk about Wells' report, let's be sure to note that the owner of the team has denied making any decisions yet on where he will take his franchise moving forward.  We can be sure, though, that there will be massive changes coming.