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Broncos cornerback: Andrew Luck is the only quarterback who doesn't complain after hits

Broncos cornerback Chris Harris said today that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is the only quarterback who doesn't complain after hits but rather congratulates defenders for them.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

With all the doom and gloom currently occupying the minds of Colts fans, let's take a moment to remember that not everything is bad for the Colts, particularly because they have a quarterback in Andrew Luck who is set to return within the next couple of weeks.

And speaking of Luck, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris (who has emerged into a top-tier corner in the NFL) paid him a compliment in a rather humorous way today.  According to Harris, Luck is the only quarterback who doesn't complain about calls but rather compliments defenders on their hits.

The idea of Luck congratulating defenders after a nice hit isn't anything new, and in fact the Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark wrote a fantastic piece about that very topic last year. "You know if you hear a quarterback get mad, you are in his head," defensive back Nolan Carroll told Clark for the piece.  "With Luck, you thought you hurt the guy, you hear ‘good job' and you just say ‘aw, man.'" Defensive end Ryan Kerrigan added that, "You want to say thank you but then you say ‘wait a second--I'm not supposed to like you!'"  Harris' point goes beyond simply the fact that Luck congratulates defenders to the fact that most quarterbacks think that a lot of hits need to be penalties, while Luck doesn't often complain.  It sounds like defenders notice that sort of thing, as Harris sure has.

Andrew Luck knows a thing or two about getting hit often, too, particularly against the Broncos defense.  In week nine Luck was getting pretty beat up during the game but stood in there, was willing to take hits, and led the Colts to the upset of the then-undefeated Broncos - playing the fourth quarter with a lacerated kidney and torn abdominal muscle.  That's impressive, and even though he got hit often, he just kept getting right back up and making plays.  It's part of what makes Luck so likable both to fans and, it seems, to other players, but it's also an area of the game where Colts fans would be fine seeing that attitude on display less, meaning less hits on the franchise player.