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Super Bowl 2015: Stampede Blue's Writers Predict Super Bowl XLIX between Seahawks and Patriots

Stampede Blue's writers offer their picks for the Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl.  It's the biggest sporting event of the year in America and the NFL's biggest game.  This year, the game pits the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks against the AFC Champion New England Patriots at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday night on NBC.

As we've been doing throughout the playoffs, our writers have given their predictions for the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts won't be playing in it, but here are our predictions nonetheless:

Josh Wilson Matt Grecco Stephen Reed Andrew Aziz Ben Lamers
Winner Seahawks Seahawks Patriots Seahawks Patriots
Score 27-24 24-23 35-24 31-23 21-10
MVP Marshawn Lynch Earl Thomas Rob Gronkowski Russell Wilson Tom Brady
Record in Playoffs to Date 7-3 7-3 7-3 6-4 7-3

Some of our writers were also kind enough to write up a summary of their prediction for the game, which you can find below:

Stephen Reed:

I'm picking NE for no other reason than I can't stand the thought of Andrew Luck having the same fate as Peyton Manning by being constantly compared to an inferior QB who happened to win multiple championships early in his career with vastly superior supporting talent. Such a dumb argument that we'd have to stomach until Luck wins more than one title, which, as we saw with Peyton, is no guarantee.

For a more football related reason, NE will likely attack the injured secondary of SEA. With Sherman limited and no one to realistically match up on Gronkowski, Brady will likely feed Gronk often. SEA's front seven isn't great against the run when they can't bring the extra safety in the box.

The NE front seven is good enough to limit Marshawn Lynch. The NE secondary can lock down SEA's WRs without needing to drop extra guys in coverage. If anything NE may be able to bring the extra man to limit Lynch even more since Revis, Browner and Arrington can hold their own.

However, if SEA can force a couple turnovers and control the clock, they could just as easily pull this game out.
I don't see NE losing this game. They are at their best when they've been publicly shamed and right now, they're shamed.

New England Patriots 35, Seattle Seahawks 24 (MVP: Rob Gronkowski)

Ben Lamers:

This is definitely an interesting game. You have the Patriots who have been, essentially, rolling through teams ever since they lost to the Chiefs. That included two blowout wins over the Colts, and one over the Broncos. And you have the Seahawks who have, at times, looked like their old self this season, but at other times, have not.

The Patriots have been the poster child for extended success ever since Tom Brady took over at quarterback. And while Brady has certainly been great again this season, there are some who would place the Patriots success on the fact that they have a healthy Rob Gronkowski. So far, the Patriots really haven't faced a defense that had the match-up to stop him. But of course, they can't look Gronkowski's way every time. Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell have been key contributors to the offense as well. But the biggest key is Brady. If the offensive line can keep him upright, it won't matter how good Seattle's defense will be.

In the season opener, Seattle looked like it had the inside track to repeat. Then the wheels sort of fell off and they didn't look the same. A Percy Harvin trade later (and a Carson Palmer injury) and the Seahawks were back in business. In the playoffs, though, they have looked vulnerable. The Panthers game was close, but did anyone really think Seattle would lose? And, simply, they should never have won the NFC Championship. But here they are, back in the Super Bowl again.

The question for me is if Seattle's offense can score enough points. Outside of Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, there is no one who scares you on this offense. The Patriots will get their points, but can Seattle keep up? It kills me to pick this, but I don't think they can.

New England Patriots 21, Seattle Seahawks 10 (MVP: Tom Brady)

Andrew Aziz:

This is it, you've hit the heights and oh what heights you've hit; on with the show this is it! The two best teams in the NFL will face off against each other in a great battle. Tom Brady and the Patriots offense are playing at a high level and the defense have been playing very well also. The Seahawks are an explosive team on an offense led by a great workhose running back in Marshawn Lynch. On defense, their rough and tough defense challenges offense. Their tough, sure tackling front 7 ensure that no running backs have good days against them and their secondary does a very good job against any quarterback. The Patriots won't be able to win the game by running the ball (like they did last week) and will need to rely on their passing game. Brady has two targets that he loves: Edelman and Gronkowski. Expect Wagner and Chancellor to go up against Gronkowski and limit his impact. That leaves Edelman. The Patriots don't have the weapons on offense that can overthrow this Seahawks defense. Wilson had a horrible game last week and the Seahawks still managed to win (and put up 28 points). This Seahawks team is just as dangerous as the team they had last year, if not more dangerous. The Patriots are an outstanding team led by a great head coach and some outstanding players at key positions, but this Seahawks team is special and will never stop fighting. I can't see them losing this game.

Seattle Seahawks 31, New England Patriots 23