I'm 85% sure that the Super Bowl was today. I can't remember which team won, just like I probably won't be able to remember writing this fanpost, but none of that matters because IT'S DRAFT SEASON Y'ALL.

Now is the time to get your hopes up. Set that bar unrealistically high. Make your expectations unmeetable. And get excited because if everything goes perfectly, we'll be a marginally better team next year.

That really fast running back on your favorite college team that can't pass protect to save his life and only projects as a third down back in the NFL? Fall in love with him. He's our guy. Watch his highlights and then tell everyone that his tape is fantastic. If the Colts don't draft him then we should fire everyone. This is not about being rational, this is about surviving the coming months without live football. Ready your takes. Summer is coming.

Should the Colts draft defense in the early rounds? Is the o-line a high priority? Would Todd Gurley solve everything? Should we trade up or trade down? There are correct answers to each of these questions and I know all of them, but you don't and that means that we can all have a great time squabbling over them.


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