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Keep Up with Stampede Blue on Social Media!

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It's the NFL offseason, and that means that less stuff is going on in the NFL world than we would like.  The NFL has certainly become more year-round recently, however, and events like free agency and the Draft help to keep the attention of fans throughout the offseason as we look forward to next season.

We realize that, in the offseason, many of you still follow the team faithfully and consistently, while often relying on the community here to help engage in interesting discussions while we await and anticipate the return of actual football.  We're thankful that we have a year-round following here at Stampede Blue.  As you may have heard us say before, we're always looking to improve, and one of those areas that we're looking to really focus on is social media.

Here's where YOU come in - you can follow along with Stampede Blue and our Colts coverage much easier by following us on twitter and liking us on Facebook.  Just a couple of clicks can not only help us grow our social media presence but allow us to bring you Colts news in an even more accessible manner.

Consider taking two seconds to keep up with Stampede Blue on social media and allow us to continue to help get you through this long, long offseason ahead.