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Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History: (2) '06 Chiefs WC vs. (15) '07 Buccaneers

Which game in Indianapolis Colts history is the greatest ever? We'll be determining that this offseason tournament-style. Get your vote in now!

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The first round of our Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History Tournament continues this morning with a Defensive gem in the Playoffs against one of the best Offensive performances we've seen in Indy.

(2) 2006 Wild Card Round vs. Chiefs

The Colts were the worst team in the NFL against the run, and the Chiefs Larry Johnson averaged over 110 yards per game on the ground, so this going to be a death-by-papercuts kinda game for the Colts. With the return of Superman wearing #21, the Chiefs gained their first 1st Down of the game with 3:38 left in the Third Quarter!. You can blame the play-calling all you want (Chiefs fans), but the Colts Defense played out of their mind, making up for a ho-hum performance from the Offense, winning 23-8 that probably should have been more (and a little sad they scored 8). It kick-started a fun-filled five weeks for the Colts and their fans..


(15) 2007 vs. Buccaneers

In a sea of outstanding Offensive performance by the Colts over the past decade and a half, this game back in 2007 won't jump out at you for being one of them, but the Colts moved the ball at will against a decent Defense, on their way to a 33-14 trouncing of the Buccaneers. The Colts averaged over 50 yards per drive, and saw five different drives have 11 or more plays in them. For the game, they averaged over 4:30 on each drive, and had a Drive Success rate, adjusted for Opponent, of over 92%. The dynamic duo backfield of Kenton Keith and Clifton Dawson (clearly members of the super-awesome "weapons" Peyton Manning played with) combined for 145 yards rushing on the day, something that Tampa Defense can surely be proud of.


Voting closes at Midnight (PT) on Sunday night. Get your vote in now!

Results from last match-up: '06 Jets 181, '12 Lions 140