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Colts Free Agency: Should the Colts Re-Sign Darius Butler?

The Colts have several decisions to make about who to re-sign and who to let walk in free agency. We're taking a look at several of them, and today we examine whether the team should re-sign cornerback Darius Butler or not.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're working our way through the list of Colts free agents-to-be this offseason and whether or not the team should re-sign the player, and we return to one that I expect should be a pretty easy choice for most Colts fans: cornerback Darius Butler.

Butler just concluded his third season playing with the Colts and he once again had a very successful year.  He played in 14 games and recorded 46 tackles, nine passes defensed, forced two fumbles, and recovered a fumble.  Over the past three years, Butler has played in 41 games for the Colts, notching 131 tackles, 31 passes defensed, eight interceptions, three forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries, and three touchdowns.  He has also played in six playoff games, recording 13 tackles, three passes defensed, and a forced fumble.  Butler serves as the Colts' slot cornerback and does a very good job there, giving the Colts a great nickel corner to add to their defensive strength (along with Vontae Davis and Greg Toler outside).

The Colts could certainly upgrade the cornerback spot, but that's mainly outside with Greg Toler.  The team's number one (Davis) was elite in 2014 and Butler is a great slot corner option.  The team would be wise to bring back the cornerback trio in 2015, and that would mean re-signing Darius Butler.

In today's passing league, the Colts have a good pass coverage unit in Davis, Toler, and Butler, and if the team improves their pass rush this offseason then the cornerback position could become even stronger.  With prolific passing offenses such as the Broncos, Patriots, Saints, and Steelers all on the schedule for the Colts next season, it's important to bring back Butler to defend against that.  But regardless of the opponents, Darius Butler is a valuable player for the Colts to have around and is a great nickel corner in the slot.  He excels at the role the Colts ask him to play and he's earned another contract, which the Colts should absolutely give the soon-to-be 29 year old this offseason.