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Colts Free Agency: Should the Colts Re-Sign Josh Gordy?

The Colts have several decisions to make about who to re-sign and who to let walk in free agency. We're taking a look at several of them, and today we examine whether the team should re-sign cornerback Josh Gordy or not.

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We're in the middle of a series looking at each of the Colts' upcoming free agents and looking at whether the Colts should keep them or let them walk.  The secondary is well represented on the list of free agents for the team this offseason, as we've already looked at three safeties and a cornerback and today will look at yet another member of the secondary in cornerback Josh Gordy.

In 2014, Gordy played in all 16 games for the first time in his NFL career (starting one) and recorded 24 tackles, four passes defensed, and an interception.  According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), however, Gordy didn't do very well in coverage, as quarterbacks had a passer rating of 121.4 when targeting him and as he allowed four touchdowns despite being targeted just 32 times and spending just 188 snaps in coverage.  In three seasons with the Colts, Gordy has played in 43 games (starting two) and has recorded 55 tackles, a sack, six passes defensed, and two interceptions.  Prior to joining the Colts via trade, Gordy spent a year with the Rams (where he played in 14 games, starting nine) in 2011.

Put simply, Josh Gordy had an awful 2014 season as the Colts' number four cornerback.  Now, it's very important to stay balanced and realize that it was indeed his worst season in the NFL, but even before this year Gordy has not been a great player and has not seen a ton of action.  This year, in his most extensive action in three seasons for the Colts, he wasn't very good at all.

This isn't a discussion about whether the Colts should move on from a player under contract by cutting him; this is a discussion about a player who is a free agent who the Colts would have to give a new contract in order to keep around.  Is Josh Gordy worth bringing back?  If the Colts do bring him back, it shouldn't be for anything more than a role in which he is buried on the depth chart, and I think the team would be better served looking for a younger guy with greater potential to develop in that role instead.  He didn't do a good job in the fourth cornerback spot and I think that is the area at the position that the Colts should look to upgrade.  As such, it doesn't make a lot of sense to bring back Josh Gordy when the team should really be looking at a better option at the spot.