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Report: Colts are Interested in Frank Gore and a "Shoo-In" to Get Him

According to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, both sides are interested in running back Frank Gore joining the Colts this offseason and Miller said that the Colts are considered to be the "shoo-in to get Frank Gore."

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A month ago, we mentioned a report from the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows that 49ers running back Frank Gore had interest in playing in Indianapolis for the Colts.  Barrows wrote that, while Gore would like to stay in San Francisco, "he's also curious about playing with Andrew Luck and wonders whether a quality tailback is the missing element in Indianapolis' offense."

It was one of those reports that we mentioned and then filed away for later, and I guess it's later now.  Gore will be a free agent this offseason and it's not expected that he will stay in San Francisco.  According to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, the top landing spot for Gore is Indianapolis.

"There's definitely a market for Frank Gore outside of San Francisco," Miller said.  "The Indianapolis Colts are definitely going to be linked to him.  The Trent Richardson trade has not worked out for them.  They need a power running back.  Chuck Pagano wants Frank Gore; Rob Chudzinski - who has a Miami connection to Frank Gore - also wants him."

Miller also mentioned the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins as places to watch, but when asked to give his thoughts on where the most likely destination is for Gore, Miller said the Colts.

"From everyone I've talked to around the league, and this includes multiple people in these cities and a couple of people in San Francisco, they feel like the Indianapolis Colts are probably the shoo-in to get Frank Gore," Miller said.  "When it was thought that Rob Chudzinski, ‘maybe he's going to come to San Francisco to be the offensive coordinator,' they thought Frank Gore would come back.  Now that Chudzinski is staying in Indianapolis, there's a need there, and it's the only situation really where Gore can come in and be the number one running back and still be a starter.  So I think the Colts are the team most likely for him."

This is an interesting report that would corroborate what Matt Barrows said, and this lends more credibility to the opinion that Gore might be joining the Colts this offseason.  Miller's statements that both Chuck Pagano and Rob Chudzinski want Frank Gore is perhaps the most notable part of his report, as that would go a long way toward this actually happening if the head coach and associate head coach both really want the guy.

As long as the price is right, Gore really wouldn't be a bad player for the Colts to bring in this offseason.  Though he's a 31-year old running back, he has consistently produced over the last decade in San Francisco.  He has rushed for 11,073 yards and 64 touchdowns while averaging 4.5 yards per carry over his career, and he's also added 342 catches for 2,883 yards and 11 touchdowns.  In addition, he has rushed for over 1,000 yards in eight different seasons.  Gore could step in and be the starting running back that the Colts have been looking for, and then the team could look to complement their two-back system with players such as Boom Herron or others (whether that be Ahmad Bradshaw, Vick Ballard, Zurlon Tipton, a rookie, or another free agent).

This wouldn't be a move that would be a long-term solution, but after the Trent Richardson disaster, even having a one-year solution would be a welcome change.  Frank Gore has consistently produced in his career, and for the right price, the Colts bringing him in wouldn't be a bad move.  And, according to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, it sounds like both sides are interested in making that happen.