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Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History: (3) '03 Chiefs DIV vs. (14) '06 Eagles

Which game in Indianapolis Colts history is the greatest ever? We'll be determining that this offseason tournament-style. Get your vote in now!

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Editor's Note: The past 3 match-ups we've had I've noticed someone(s) tampering with our poll, causing a great number of votes one-way after the initial few have been cast. Because this person(s) wants to make this all about himself/herself, we're changing the way you vote. You'll now have to leave a comment with "VOTE <seed>" as the header. It isn't ideal, but the terrorists have won. Hopefully they'll now go away, but our results won't be compromised. Sorry guys and gals. -Matt

The first round of our Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History Tournament continues this morning with possibly Peyton Manning's best game as a Colt against an offensive explosion on a Sunday night.

(3) 2003 Divisional Round at Chiefs

The Colts had just annihilated the Broncos the previous week, winning their first playoff game with Peyton Manning under center, but had to go on the road the following week to the 13-3 Chiefs. The game ended up being one of the best Offensive back-and-forth games we've seen in recent memory, with both Offenses running in high gear, and the Colts winning 38-31. There was not a single punt by either team the entire day (something that didn't happen again until this season when it happened twice (GB-CHI and GB-NO), and they combined for just 11 Third Down plays. The only two mistakes the entire day, both by the Chiefs, were a missed FG just before the half (why they settled for a FG there I'll never know) and a Priest Holmes fumble just after halftime, which allowed the Colts to take a 14 point lead, and the way Manning and Edgerrin James were playing, they weren't being stopped. Manning was 22/30 for 304 and three TDs, while James added 125 on the ground with 2 TDs of his own. That Chiefs Defense was no pushover either, and the Colts made them look just awful. Per the Winning Stats, this was the best Offensive performance the Colts have had since 2001.


(14) 2006 vs. Eagles

It isn't too often we've seen the Colts score four TDs on the ground, let alone by one guy, but Joseph Addai had himself an evening in 2006 against the Eagles, scoring three times in the first 21 minutes of the game, and adding a night-cap in the 4th quarter as the Colts crushed the Eagles 45-21. Addai finished with 171 yards on the ground, while Dominic Rhodes added 68 of his own, finishing the game with a combined success rate of 68% and 5.8 Yards per Carry. The Colts converted on 70% of their third downs, averaged nearly 50 yards per drive, and had a cool 8.9 Adjusted Net Passing Yards per Attempt (a ho-hum game for Manning). The Defense, while giving up 3 TDs, did create 3 turnovers, including a fumble return for a TD by Kelvin Hayden late in the 4th. In terms of Offensive performances, this one lands at #7 since 2001.


Voting closes at Midnight (PT) on Sunday night. Get your vote in now! Remember, either "VOTE 3" or "VOTE 14" in the subject line

Results from last match-up: '97 Packers 108, '06 Broncos 75