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Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History: (4) '04 Chargers vs. (13) '14 Bengals

Which game in Indianapolis Colts history is the greatest ever? We'll be determining that this offseason tournament-style. Get your vote in now!

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The first round continues with a record-breaking performance against one of the best Defensive performances the Colts have put together over the past 15 years:

(4) 2004 vs. Chargers

He throoooooooooows to Stokley, TOUCHDOWN! That's the record breaker!

Peyton Manning had two touchdowns on the day, which was low for his 2004 season, but the 2nd one broke Dan Marino's 20 year old record of 48 touchdown passes in a season, in just 15 games, and just as importantly go the Colts within two of the Chargers at 31-29. Edgerrin James tied the game at 31 with 1:00 to go, and Rob Morris sent the game to Overtime with an interception around the Colts 30 that ended any Chargers threat to win it in regulation. In OT Manning found Reggie Wayne for a big gainer, and Mike Vanderjagt hit a 30 yarder to win it 34-31. Also of note was a kickoff return at the start of the 4th quarter by Dominic Rhodes that got the Colts back to within 8. But this game will always be remembered for Manning's 21 yard TD to Brandon Stokley for #49 (in just 15 games).


(13) 2014 vs. Bengals

We've seen the Colts struggle mightily defensively so often over the years they all sort of blend together. Midway through the 2014 season, however, the Colts played one of the best games we've ever seen defensively, completely pounding the Bengals 27-0. The Bengals went Three and Out on their first 8 possessions, and had 10 total for the day, and only mustered 8 first downs the entire game. They only crossed the Colts 35 yard line once, and were just 1/14 on Third Down, completing a four game stretch of allowing just 4 out of 41 third down attempts. It was a complete domination by the Defense, the likes of which we as Colts fans haven't seen in a long, long time. Add in Andrew Luck having his way with a top 3 pass Defense, and it was a great day for the Colts.

Inside the Numbers

Voting closes at Midnight (PT) on Wednesday night. Get your vote in now!

Results from last match-up: '03 Saints 132, '05 Cardinals 45