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Colts Free Agency: Should the Colts Re-Sign Ahmad Bradshaw?

The Colts have several decisions to make about who to re-sign and who to let walk in free agency. We're taking a look at several of them, and today we examine whether the team should re-sign running back Ahmad Bradshaw or not.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In 2014, it could be argued that one of the most important players to the Colts offense was one who they played the final nine games of the season without.  Running back Ahmad Bradshaw played a significant role in the offense in the first nine-plus games before fracturing his fibula in the tenth game and being lost for the season.  After that, the Colts struggled to find the rhythm that they had enjoyed with Bradshaw in the game.

But with the running back being a free agent, should the Colts re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw?  That's the question we'll look at here.

In ten games, Bradshaw rushed for 425 yards and two touchdowns, averaging 4.7 yards per carry, while also catching 38 passes for 300 yards and six touchdowns.  Total, Bradshaw accounted for 725 yards and eight touchdowns for the Colts despite officially "starting" only one game.  When he was healthy, he was quite possibly having as good of an all-around season as any back in the league, when factoring in rushing, receiving, and blocking - all three of which Bradshaw did very well at.

Of course, he does have injury concerns, and that's what makes this decision a lot harder.  In each of the past two seasons for the Colts, Bradshaw has ended up on injured reserve, and he came to the Colts with injury concerns throughout his career.  Unfortunately, he just hasn't been too durable during his time in the NFL or during his time with the Colts.  Is he worth re-signing despite the injury concerns?  That's really what this question comes down to, as just looking at the talent and production level this would normally be an easy decision.  But throw in the injury factor and it's a tough one.  His recent citation for marijuana possession likely won't help his chances of getting re-signed by the team, either.

Ultimately, I think it's about 50/50 right now as to whether Ahmad Bradshaw returns to the Colts next season.  On the right deal, I think it'd be a great move.  If the Colts could get Bradshaw on yet another one-year, low money deal like they have the past two seasons, then of course it'd be a good move to bring him back.  Even if the Colts don't get a full season out of him, let's just say Bradshaw were to play half of the season: paying around $1 million for a half of a season of very good football is worth it.  So there's my answer - if the Colts could get him on a deal similar to the past two years then I think it'd absolutely be a good move to bring back the running back and hope for the best.