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Report: Colts Looking Into Veteran Wide Receivers, Including Brandon Marshall

A report from Bleacher Report's Jason Cole mentions that the Colts have been looking at veteran wide receivers, including Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, and Vincent Jackson - as well as discussing bringing back Hakeem Nicks for another year.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts need a wide receiver this offseason, and we've been saying here at Stampede Blue for a while that they need to add a veteran presence to compliment young receivers like T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief, and Duron Carter.

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole mentioned what we have been saying for a while, in that even if Reggie Wayne does decide to come back, the Colts will need to look for a veteran presence.

"Even if Wayne does decide to come back, in talking to sources around the league and part of the Colts organization, they believe that Wayne has probably lost his luster as a number two receiver and they're going to have to find another answer - that's what they're anticipating at this point in time."

Because of that, Cole mentions that the Colts "have been checking out other names."  He notes that, "they've talked about bringing back Hakeem Nicks this year.  They still don't trust him as a number two receiver in that role; they're looking for somebody who's healthier for more often in the season and doesn't miss chunks of time."

And that brings us to Cole reporting that the Colts have been active in looking into veteran receivers and have been asking around about it, and he mentions four guys the Colts have inquired about and are interested in: Brandon Marshall (Bears), Andre Johnson (Texans), Mike Wallace (Dolphins), and Vincent Jackson (Buccaneers).

"That's why they've looked at about four guys at this point in time," Cole said.  "Brandon Marshall of Chicago if he's available in a trade, Andre Johnson if the Texans decide to let him go, Mike Wallace - same issue there - and they asked around about Vincent Jackson.  Vincent Jackson is not going to be available.  The guy who fits the mold the best for them in terms of playing style is likely - likely - Brandon Marshall, who may not be long for Chicago and may be looking for a landing spot, so this might work out best.  His size, his speed, his route running.  Now, there may be some issues in terms of maturity and whether he'll handle it, but they believe that with Andrew Luck at quarterback they can bring in Brandon Marshall and feel safe about that."

Of those four names that Cole mentions, it sounds like Vincent Jackson is not an option, but the others really might be.  There have been rumors about a Brandon Marshall trade and it sounds like the Dolphins are intent on getting rid of Mike Wallace.  And there have been rumblings about the Texans possibly letting Andre Johnson go as well.  Cole makes it sound like Brandon Marshall could be the prime candidate from that group.  He has had a productive career and would be a great wide receiver threat to give the Colts alongside T.Y. Hilton, which is something the Colts really need (as evidenced in the AFC Championship game).  Acquiring Marshall wouldn't be a bad move in theory for the Colts, but as always, it would depend on how much they'd give up to do so.  One thing is for sure, though: it'll be an interesting next few weeks for the Colts.