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Victim: D'Qwell Jackson Punched, Choked, Kicked, and Threatened to Kill Me

The victim of the alleged assault by D'Qwell Jackson was interviewed by Kent Sterling on CBS Sports 1430 in Indianapolis, and it doesn't sound good, as the victim says that Jackson punched, choked, kicked, and threatened to kill him before trying to pay him off to stay silent.

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On Wednesday morning came the report from ABC7 in Washington that Colts linebacker D'Qwell Jackson was arrested for assault after punching a pizza delivery driver, and on Wednesday afternoon the victim, Jose, joined the Kent Sterling Show on CBS Sports 1430 in Indianapolis to talk about what happened.  And it doesn't sound good.

In the interview (which you can listen to here), Jose Bonilla-Fuentes tells Sterling that he is a pizza delivery man in Washington D.C.  D'Qwell Jackson lives in some sort of expensive condominium that gives him a reserved parking spot, and in his rush to deliver the pizza Jose temporarily parked in that spot.  D'Qwell Jackson didn't like that and asked Jose why he was parking there, and that it was a reserved parking spot, and all the while Jose kept insisting that he would move his car.  Jackson would not let him move, however, and then grabbed Jose's neck and began to choke him.  The victim said that Jackson punched, choked, and kicked him, and that when he tried to call the police Jackson took his phone.  The Colts' linebacker then began offering Jose money to stay silent when the police came, but instead Jackson was arrested for assault.  Throughout the interview, Jose said that Jackson punched, kicked, choked, and threatened to kill him before trying to pay him off to stay silent.

It's very important to keep in mind that this is just one side's take on the story and that we have yet to hear from Jackson, though it's likely that he would tell things differently.  Either way, however, if the details are true, that's not good.

The Colts issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying that they are collecting information:

The Indianapolis Colts have been made aware that D'Qwell Jackson was charged yesterday in Washington, D.C. with a count of simple assault. When the Club learns more of the surrounding facts, it will make an appropriate statement.

As Andrew Brandt, the former NFL executive and current ESPN and Sports Illustrated analyst, said this morning, that kind of statement essentially means "we're pissed."

I'm sure we'll find out more details as this case moves on, but from the victim's story it doesn't sound good.