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Details of Duron Carter's Contract with Colts Emerge

We now have details of Duron Carter's contract with the Colts, according to former agent and current analyst Joel Corry and USA Today's Tom Pelissero, and the deal seems to very much favor the Colts.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Earlier this week the Indianapolis Colts officially announced that they had agreed to terms with CFL wide receiver Duron Carter.  Of course, at the time we didn't yet know the details of the terms that the two sides agreed to, but it seems that we now do.

According to former agent and current analyst for the National Football Post and CBS Sports Joel Corry, along with USA Today's Tom Pelissero, it sounds like the deal is for $1.575 million over three-years.  Carter has a base salary of $435,000 in 2015 with $25,000 fully guaranteed.

For as much as it was reported that other teams were pursuing Carter, the deal comes in for less money than many expected.  Furthermore, the Colts landed Carter without a signing bonus.  Many Colts fans were already very happy about the move, but after seeing the contract details it's impossible not to think of it as a good move for Indy.  If Carter doesn't work out then the Colts lost very little, and if he does work out then the Colts get him on a steal of a deal for the first couple of years.

What this shows us is that either the other teams pursuing him were much less interested than originally thought or that Carter really wanted to play for the Colts and for Andrew Luck.  We know that perhaps the biggest reason Carter choose the Colts was because of Luck, so the latter is true.  The question we don't know is what other teams offered the young receiver, but it's clear that the Colts got him for a very good price and for a low-risk deal.

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