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31 More Sundays Until Colts Football Returns

It's the first Sunday without any NFL action and it feels weird, but there's only 31 more Sundays until Colts football returns (not that we're counting or anything…).

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since September 7, there is absolutely no NFL action taking place on a Sunday.  Starting on that first Sunday in September, the next seventeen Sundays were filled with a full slate of NFL regular season games, and then the playoffs started.  The next three Sundays featured the three rounds of the NFL playoffs, while the Sunday after that was the Pro Bowl.  And, of course, last Sunday was the biggest game of the year with the Super Bowl taking place.

And now, football season is officially over.

It was certainly nice to go out to lunch with my family after church today, but a Sunday without football is weird.  Really weird.  But here's the good news (or maybe bad news): only 31 Sundays until NFL football returns!  The regular season will kick off on Thursday, September 10 (yes, that's late - because Labor Day is late this year) from New England (blah), and then the following Sunday the rest of the teams will open their season.  Unless the Colts play on the Monday night game to open the year, they will be playing on that Sunday, since they host the Patriots in 2015 rather than traveling to Foxborough (so there's no chance they'll be in the Thursday night opener).  The countdown is on, and we're 31 Sundays away from the return of the NFL.

Luckily, however, the National Football League has essentially turned into a year-round event, as soon the NFL Combine will take place, and then free agency will begin with the new league year next month.  The NFL Draft will held at the end of April and the beginning of May, and then some offseason work for teams.  Before long, July will then be here and we'll be in Anderson for training camp.  So yes, while it sucks not having any football to watch today and while it seems super weird, we'll still be covering the Colts all offseason as they attempt to get better for when the 2015 season does actually kick off.