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Update: Andre Johnson Still in Indianapolis, Colts Still Pursuing Him

According to the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder, Andre Johnson is still in Indianapolis meeting with the Colts.

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So many of you are waiting anxiously for any news about the Colts and wide receiver Andre Johnson, who arrived in Indianapolis last night for his first stop on his free agency tour.  This morning, there were multiple reports that there are perhaps eight teams interested in Johnson, so the Colts' job to try to ink him to a deal before he leaves could be even harder than previously thought.

Here's another update for you, courtesy of the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder: Johnson is still in Indianapolis meeting with the team as of this morning and early afternoon.

There's good and bad news here. For one, Johnson, according to an NFL source, is still visiting with the Colts. He met with the team brass beginning Tuesday night after arriving in Indianapolis on a private jet along with friend Frank Gore, who agreed to terms with the team shortly after arrival.

But Johnson, according to the same source, does have other suitors and it's possible he will make visits to other teams. That will complicate things for the Colts, because once a player leaves your building, it becomes more difficult to affect his decision making. Put simply, it's harder to sweet talk a player from hundreds of miles away.

As Holder notes, it's important for the Colts to sign him to a deal before he leaves Indianapolis, but that won't be easy - especially with others teams interested.  The Colts really want to land Johnson, but in order for that to continue to be the most likely outcome it's important for them to sign him before he leaves.  If a player leaves without a deal and goes on to visit elsewhere, it's not a good sign at all.  The fact that he's still in Indy meeting with the Colts is a good thing, because that allows the Colts more time to try to sell him on playing with the Colts.

The Colts have several potentially strong selling points to Johnson, aside from the fact that they've still got money available to pay the veteran receiver.  Their quarterback, Andrew Luck, is pretty dang good, and it's hard to argue that this wouldn't be a pretty convincing sell to a wide receiver:

Secondly, the Colts signed Johnson's friend Frank Gore last night, who have known each other since high school and played together at the University of Miami.  This could be a significant factor in Johnson's decision.  Thirdly, the Colts are putting together a team to win the Super Bowl now, and Johnson would have a good chance to compete for a title in Indy.  And lastly, depending on how Johnson feels about departing the Texans, the opportunity to play his former team twice a year could be a sway to play in Indy for Johnson (or, perhaps, not to).

The bottom line is that we still don't know what Andre Johnson will do, but it is crucial that the Colts don't let him leave without a deal.  So it's good news that, according to Stephen Holder, Johnson is still in Indianapolis meeting with the team.