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Colts Cut Trent Richardson

The Indianapolis Colts today announced that they have waived running backs Trent Richardson and Michael Hill.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The move that we have all known was coming since the end of the season (and even before that, too) has become official, as the Indianapolis Colts officially announced today that they have waived running back Trent Richardson.  The team also announced that they waived running back Michael Hill as well.

The Trent Richardson era in Indianapolis was a disaster.  He was acquired for the team's 2014 first round pick after week two of the 2013 season, and in two seasons with the Colts, Richardson played in 31 games (including playoffs), rushing for 978 yards and six touchdowns while averaging 3.06 yards per carry.  He also added 494 yards and a touchdown on 55 receptions.  So, in other words - Trent Richardson played in 31 games with the Colts and didn't even manage to gain 1,000 yards rushing.  It was a disaster, and his 2014 season was plagued with weight issues and other concerns that the Colts reportedly had, culminating in a suspension for the AFC Championship game - that would have carried over to the 2015 season had he still been on the team.  But, of course, by that time, we all knew it was over.

Really the only question mark when it comes to releasing Richardson is whether or not the Colts get off the hook for his $3.18 million guaranteed money that Richardson was owed.  The suspension voids the guaranteed money, but an NFLPA appeal would have been likely.  It's currently unknown what the outcome of that situation will be and whether there will be an appeal or not, but I'd imagine that was the only reason this news took so long to break, as the Colts worked through some of those things.  We'll likely get some more information on whether the Colts actually are off the hook for that money shortly, but for now the important thing is that Trent Richardson is gone.

In addition today, the Colts waived another running back in Michael Hill.  The back played in two playoff games with the Colts on special teams.