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Colts are the Current Super Bowl Favorites

According to the MGM Sportsbook, the Indianapolis Colts are the current Super Bowl favorites at 5-1. Seriously.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On the same day that the Indianapolis Colts parted ways with Trent Richardson, Las Vegas has made them Super Bowl favorites.  Seriously.  According to the MGM Sportsbook, the Colts have the best current Super Bowl 50 odds in the NFL at 5-1.  The Seattle Seahawks (11-2), Green Bay Packers (11-2), New England Patriots (6-1), and Dallas Cowboys (8-1) round out the top five.

The Colts were certainly active in the early part of free agency, adding veterans Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, Trent Cole, Kendall Langford, and Todd Herremans to a team that reached the AFC Championship game a year ago.  Of course, much of this is just the initial reaction to the moves that the Colts made, as they added several big names - notably in Gore, the 49ers' all-time leading rusher, and Johnson, the Texans' all-time leading receiver.  Paired with an already potent offense of Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, and others, there's certainly plenty to be excited about.

They still have moves to make on the defensive side of the football and work to be done, but not every need can be addressed in a day or two, and the direction that the Colts are heading is a very positive one.  They have most definitely improved their team and noticeably closed the gap on New England.  But Super Bowl favorites?  They're without any doubt legitimate contenders, but I wouldn't consider them the favorites quite yet.