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What Numbers will the Colts' Free Agent Additions Wear?

If you're interested in knowing what jersey numbers the new Colts' free agent additions will wear, we've got them for you here.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have been quite busy in free agency, and this past week they added offensive lineman Todd Herremans, pass rusher Trent Cole, defensive lineman Kendall Langford, running back Frank Gore, and wide receiver Andre Johnson to the team in pursuit of a Super Bowl.

Aside from offseason workouts and minicamp that is closed to the public, the first glance to see the players on the field will come this summer in training camp at Anderson University.  There, a common sight is fans holding their rosters trying to identify the new players and additions, as the numbers are unfamiliar.  But why wait until training camp to learn these players' new numbers?  The Colts' roster has them, and we'll inform you of them here so you can know what number your favorite Colts' offseason acquisition will be wearing in 2015.

Frank Gore, Running Back - # 23

Gore wore the number 21 during his career with the 49ers, but he'll be switching with the Colts.  Cornerback Vontae Davis, the team's best defensive player, made the switch from number 23 to 21 a year ago, and he turned down Gore's offer for the number, as he wants to make it "legendary" in honor of Bob Sanders.  Gore will don number 23, the reverse of another great former Miami running back who played for the Colts in Edgerrin James.

Trent Cole, Pass Rusher - # 58

Cole will keep the same number that he wore with the Eagles, number 58.  This is a number that another notable Colts linebacker wore, as Gary Brackett wore the number 58 for a number of years in Indianapolis.  Cole has it now, and hopefully he makes just as big of an impact.

Todd Herremans, Offensive Lineman - # 79

This one isn't any different, as he wore number 79 in Philadelphia with the Eagles.  He'll likely be the team's starting right guard, but he's donning a number worn by former defensive lineman Raheem Brock years ago (among others).

Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver - # 81

No, folks, Darrius Heyward-Bey is not back with the Colts.  Instead, it's the seven-time Pro Bowler Andre Johnson, who is the Texans' all-time leading receiver, who will be wearing number 81.  He's switching from the number 80 he wore in Houston, as it is taken by Coby Fleener, because Johnson said that it's a new start for him in coming to the Colts.

Kendall Langford, Defensive Lineman - # 99

The Colts will once again have a defensive lineman acquired in free agency who is wearing number 99, as Kendall Langford will wear the number this season.  He wore number 98 with the Rams, but as we all know, that number is taken by Robert Mathis.  Ricky Jean Francois, who the Colts cut this offseason, wore the number for the past two years.