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DeMaurice Smith Re-Elected as Executive Director of the NFLPA

Late last night, DeMaurice Smith was re-elected by the player representatives as the NFLPA's Executive Director, winning a third term on the first ballot of voting.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a situation that largely flew under the radar for the past few weeks, the NFL Players Association voted on the Executive Director position late last night in Hawaii.  And the incumbent, DeMaurice Smith, was re-elected to his third term, earning the necessary votes (at least 17 of the 32 votes from player representatives) on the first ballot.

Opposing Smith's bid for re-election were eight other candidates: Sean Gilbert, Jason Belser, Robert Griffith, James Acho, Arthur McAfee, Andrew Smith, Rob London, and John Stufflebeem.

Smith was first elected to the position in 2009 after the death of Gene Upshaw, and he beat out Troy Vincent and others for the position.  In 2012, he was unopposed, and then this year he was opposed by eight people.  It's likely that the number of other voices vying for the attention and votes of the players helped to crowd the picture, therefore paving a clear and easy path for Smith to win re-election.  It was always assumed that he would remain the Executive Director, as many favor keeping things the same unless drastic change needs to happen.

The next election for the NFLPA Executive Director position will be held in 2018 - two years before the collective bargaining agreement expires.  In the meantime, things will continue as normal for the NFL Players Association, as DeMaurice Smith remains the man in charge after he was voted to a third term as Executive Director last night.