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How Much Did the Colts' 2016 Super Bowl Odds Improve with Free Agency?

Taking a quick look at the Super Bowl odds for the Colts before and after free agency.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The major moves of free agency are over and there are a number of teams whose hopes for 2015 are much higher now than they were a few weeks ago.  Because of the movement of players, there's a chance that we could see some shifting of power in the NFL as well.

For the Colts, they were looking to add some pieces to try to get past the final hurdle to the Super Bowl.  They came close last year in reaching the AFC Championship game, but they came so far away still by losing 45-7 in that game.  But this offseason, they've been working hard at addressing a number of their needs in adding Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, Todd Herremans, Trent Cole, Kendall Langford, and Nate Irving.

Are those additions enough to get the Colts to the Super Bowl when added to an already impressive core that includes Andrew Luck at quarterback?  Many think so, and the Colts can surely be labeled contenders at this point (which is still way too early in the process to be making any definitive judgements on teams).

Because of their moves in free agency, the Colts saw their Super Bowl odds increase.  On February 2, Bovada had them at 14-1 odds to win it all.  As of this week, they had improved to 8-1 odds to win the big game, ranking fourth among NFL teams - right behind the Seahawks (6-1), Packers (7-1), and Patriots (7-1) and right ahead of the Denver Broncos (12-1) and Dallas Cowboys (16-1).

As for the rest of the AFC South?  Despite the Texans' moves so far, they actually saw their odds drop from 40-1 to 50-1.  The Jaguars stayed even at 200-1, while the Titans also saw their odds decrease (from 100-1 to 200-1).  So it's safe to say that, while we're still very early in the process and while we can't make any judgements about teams yet, the early odds seem to favor another easy division for the Colts in 2015 as they look to reach and win Super Bowl 50.