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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Colts Projected to Take Safety Landon Collins

Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar recently released his most updated mock draft, and in addition to projecting the Colts to take Alabama safety Landon Collins in the first round, Kadar gave a brief scouting report on the safety.

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One of the best things about Monday is that it means there is another mock draft out from Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar, and today is no different.

In today's edition of the mock draft, Kadar not only gives his predictions for the first round but also provides a scouting report on each player.  His pick for the Colts hasn't changed since last week (it's still Alabama safety Landon Collins), but let's take a look at the scouting report for Collins.

29. Indianapolis Colts: Landon Collins, S, Alabama

Scouting report: As a coverage safety, Collins isn't simply Mark Barron 2.0. He can mirror tight ends in man coverage and is strong enough to stick with them when they get physical in their routes. He'll struggle some against quicker slot wide receivers, though, and teams shouldn't rely on him in that role. He's much better when he can play deep coverage and react to the ball and break on it. While he'll have to improve his instincts, Collins has the athleticism to cover for it for now. He will bite on the play action, though. Against the run, Collins is really good at flying up the field and making a tackle. He rarely misses taking down the ball carrier and has good technique on his tackles. Was utilized on Alabama's coverage teams.

As we've addressed a number of times already on the site, this would be a great pick for the Colts in the first round.  Safety is easily the team's biggest need and Collins is easily the best player at the position in the upcoming draft.  In fact, he's really the only safety that is viewed as a first round pick, but the problem for the Colts is that he's unlikely to be available at pick number 29.  Of course, there have been a number of mock drafts that have predicted that happening, including in Dan Kadar's most recent mock, so there's certainly still a chance.

By drafting Collins, the Colts would get a young guy who could start alongside the veteran Mike Adams, providing the Colts with a nice safety duo.  Collins would certainly have an adjustment period to the NFL just like any other rookie, but he'd likely be the starter from day one and could help the Colts significantly.  Considering their current safety options at the position are Winston Guy, Colt Anderson, and Dewey McDonald, Collins would be an upgrade - including over LaRon Landry a year ago.

In his 2014 season at Alabama, Collins racked up 103 tackles (4.5 for loss), seven passes defensed, and three interceptions while being a unanimous first-team All-American.  Considering the lack of depth in this safety class it's a stretch to expect Collins to be available at pick number 29 when the Colts select, but if he is (like in Kadar's mock draft) then he would be the perfect pick for the Colts.