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Colts' Retractable Roof Proposal Passes at League Meetings

The Indianapolis Colts' proposal to allow teams to open retractable roofs at halftime if the weather improves has passed at the league meetings.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts proposed two rule changes for consideration at this week's league meetings.  One of those proposals was withdrawn, as the Colts' proposed a potential nine-point play.  Basically, that proposal was that if a team went for a two-point conversion and successfully made it, they would then get to try an extra point kick from midfield.  This proposal was withdrawn, but there was another proposal that the Colts made that was passed at the meetings today.

The Colts also proposed that for teams with stadiums that have a retractable roof, the roof could be opened at halftime if the weather improved.  This proposal was passed today.

This won't have a big impact on the game itself, but it does perhaps enable a better game day experience, and it likely will allow the Colts to have their roof open a bit more than they do now (which isn't often).  There might be some occasions where the weather isn't good enough to open the roof before the game but then the weather passes during the first half, and now teams would be permitted to open the roof up at halftime.

There's really no harm in this proposal, and so it did indeed pass.  If you're at Lucas Oil Stadium next season, you might see the roof opened at halftime, and that's all because of the Colts' proposal to allow it.

Here are a few other notable changes that were passed: