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Reviewing the Colts' 2014 Free Agent Signings

With free agency just one week away, let's take a look back at the Colts' free agent signings from a year ago.

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The free agency period for 2015 will begin at 4:00 p.m. ET on March 10, as that is when the new league year begins.  While we're spending a lot of time talking about all things free agency as it relates to the Colts, this also provides a good time to take a look back to a year ago and analyze the moves the Colts made last season.  Of course, it's too early to say for sure whether some of these moves worked out, but it's typically easier and more accurate to do this after one year when it comes to free agency instead of the draft.

So let's take a brief look at each of Ryan Grigson's notable free agent signings last season and see how they turned out after one year.


Pat McAfee, punter

He was arguably the league's best punter in 2014 and the league's best special teams player.  He was first-team All-Pro and made the Pro Bowl, providing the Colts with a terrific punter, kickoff specialist, and onside kick master.  Without any doubt, Pat McAfee lived up to his contract.

Adam Vinatieri, kicker

Arguably the league's best kicker, Adam Vinatieri was also first-team All-Pro and he also made the Pro Bowl, enjoying the finest statistical season of his NFL career.  There's no doubt about this one either: Vinatieri was great, as was the decision to bring him back.

Justin Hickman, linebacker

There was some optimism about Justin Hickman when the Colts re-signed him after his 2012 season, but he missed the entire 2013 season on injured reserve.  The Colts brought him back last offseason but he never even made it to training camp before he was cut.

Cam Johnson, linebacker

The Colts acquired Johnson in a trade in 2013 and re-signed him in the following offseason, and the hope was that he could provide some pass rush help for a team that really needed it.  He was injured in the team's season opener, however, and missed the rest of the season.

Joe Reitz, offensive lineman

Brought back for his fifth year with the Colts, Joe Reitz continued to impress.  He played in 13 games (including playoffs) and started seven, including the three playoff games at right tackle.  He provided a good depth option and a good spot starter and was one of the Colts' five best linemen in 2014.

Josh Gordy, cornerback

Josh Gordy was re-signed to be the Colts' number four cornerback, but he really didn't do too well in the role.  He wasn't a huge miss by Grigson in terms of money or impact, but he didn't have a particularly good 2014 campaign.

Ahmad Bradshaw, running back

There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding Bradshaw's health status last offseason after a neck injury that ended his 2013 season, but the Colts brought him back and for the first nine games Bradshaw was tremendous, providing a great all-around threat out of the backfield.  Unfortunately, however, he was injured in week eleven and lost for the season.

Sergio Brown, safety

When the Colts brought back Sergio Brown it seemed to just be a special teams move, but he ended up enjoying the best season of his career at safety as well.  Starting eight games and playing in 15, Brown was the Colts' second best safety in 2014 and a very solid player at the position, contributing to the Colts in a much larger role than just special teams.

Vontae Davis, cornerback

Some people didn't like Ryan Grigson giving Vontae Davis' such a big contract a year ago, but regardless of the thoughts last year Davis more than lived up to the deal.  He emerged as an elite cornerback in 2014 and was the best defensive player on the team by far.

Fili Moala, defensive lineman

The Colts brought back Fili Moala as a depth player along the defensive line, but he never got to even be that, as he suffered a torn ACL in offseason work and missed the entire season.

Free Agents:

D'Qwell Jackson, linebacker

D'Qwell Jackson started every game at inside linebacker for the Colts and, to be honest, he improved as the season went on.  He finished as the team's leading tackler and made the Pro Bowl, but he was just an average player and probably didn't live up to his contract.

Arthur Jones, defensive lineman

Unfortunately for the Colts, Arthur Jones spent a good part of the 2014 season either injured or recovering from injury.  Because of that he didn't really live up to his contract, but it's way too early to get upset about the move and there are still high hopes for Arthur Jones along the defensive line.

Phil Costa, center

You probably forgot about Phil Costa, didn't you?  Just over a month after signing the veteran center, the Colts announced that Phil Costa was retiring.  He never played a game for the Colts.

Hakeem Nicks, wide receiver

The Colts looked to sign a veteran wide receiver last offseason and they did just that by adding Hakeem Nicks.  He did not impress early on, showing  zero timing with Andrew Luck and not being able to create separation.  He improved later in the season and actually stepped up, but overall it was not a great year.  On a low-risk deal for the Colts, however, it was still a good move.

Colt Anderson, safety

A late free agent signing, Colt Anderson ended up playing very well in his role.  As a special teams player and backup defensive back, Anderson filled the role well and quietly impressed.

Mike Adams, safety

Signed in June, Mike Adams gave the Colts very good play all season long and was not only one of the best players on the defense but one of the most consistent as well.  He had a career year and made his first career Pro Bowl and really impressed as the team's starting safety.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Grigson's free agent class from a year ago?