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Colts Re-Sign Matt Overton

The Indianapolis Colts announced tonight that they re-signed long snapper Matt Overton.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts tonight agreed to a contract extension with long snapper Matt Overton.  It's a smart move to keep him around.

Overton just finished his third season as the long snapper of the Colts.  He is a key part of the fourth down army for the Colts, joining kicker Adam Vinatieri and punter Pat McAfee.  Overton does a good job with his long snapping duties, but more than that he is a guy who can make tackles on special teams coverage as well.  Additionally, he is a great influence in the community and really does a lot of good, particularly with Riley Children's Hospital.

Ultimately, this is a good move for both sides and one that was completely expected.  Overton was a restricted free agent and it was fully assumed that he would re-sign with the team.  That's exactly what happened, and it's a good move for both sides.